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Author: Tafari, Saturday, August 8th, 2009 at 3:13 AM

BUY Proscar ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, Watching this abuse really infuriates me to no end. As you can imagine or should know, ordering Proscar online, Proscar price, coupon, I’m not into violence against woman, but I want to slap the shit out of this baby momma.

  • 1st Did the dumb hoe recording this think it was that funny?
  • 2nd Looks like the momma is more interested in proving a point rather than combing the poor girls hair.
  • 3rd If the child is that crazy a quick pop to the back of the head with a brush usually does the trick, buy no prescription Proscar online. Proscar over the counter, There is no need to get fucking crazy like an out of control animal.
  • 4th Now that this video has been viewed at least 40k times, can child protective services go check the welfare of the children in this home?
  • 5th This is case book study of child abuse.
  • 6th Some women really need to be chemically sterilized, where can i find Proscar online, Real brand Proscar online, fuck the genocide argument.
  • 7th Shouldn’t Youtube step up & report the mother/video poster & take down the video?
  • 8th I still cannot believe that the momma said “come on sit the fuck down and let me comb this hair” all while the video recorder laughs like a dumb ass.
  • 9th Did the little girl really say I hate you. What the hell else is going on in this home?
  • 10th I would ask where the father is but I think the answer is already clear.

I’m just saying!

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  1. toni Says:

    I couldn't watch the whole thing, but someone on Twitter said that when the child cried for her father, she was told she didn't have one.

  2. Tafari Says:

    Oh I missed that comment on the video, I was so mad that I missed most if the dialogue.

    Its a shame all around. Maybe she taking the anger of not having the daddy around on the baby. Its a shame!


  3. Tafari Says:

    Oh I missed that comment on the video, I was so mad that I missed most if the dialogue.

    Its a shame all around. Maybe she taking the anger of not having the daddy around on the baby. Its a shame!


  4. Amber "Bam" Cabral Says:

    This is a shame. I don't even understand what kind of brushing she was doing to the little girls hair.. Good Grief.

  5. Tafari Says:

    Bam – She might as well bitch slapped the poor. It may have been less painful.


  6. Remnants of U Says:

    I think I could only bear to watch the 1st minute of the video. Poor baby, and really if the momma (and I use that word loosely) was doing her hair right, it doesn't look like it is very difficult to work with.

  7. Ylanga Says:

    How stupid can you get to comb black hair like this? First thing you do is part the hair so you take it step by step. The way she is doing it doesn't make sense because I am sure she doesn't even know where she already brushed. A brush doesn't do the job miss, you need a wooden comb! This is a stupid woman who needs to get her act together!

  8. Tafari Says:

    Remnants of U – This is indeed a very had video to watch!

    Ylanga – Right!!!! The momma seems to be taking her baby daddy issues out on the child IMO.


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