Last week, I visited the locally celebrated Eve restaurant who was serving up some delicious Cuban themed culinary delights as a preview to Eve Aronoff’s anticipated Frita Batido restaurant.

If you’re a “Top Chef” fan, you may remember Eve as one of the earlier contestants.

While at the restaurant, I helped out my boy Antonio “Shades” Agee display his art work (actually I was a lame helper, but help nonetheless.) & I wound up getting addicted to Mexican Coke, thanks to Eve who told me were the local supply could be found.

And so that you know, I’m not talking about the Coke you snort. I’m talking about that delicious dark caramel carbonated beverage that we all love to mix with spiced rum.

For those of you who are not in the know, the difference between Mexican & US Coke versions is that Mexican Coke is sweetener & way more delicious! Mexican Coke is made with pure cane sugar, while US Coke is made with high fructose corn syrup. US Coke bottlers switched to HFCS in 1985 as a cost saving measure because cane sugar was more expensive.

When I got home, later in the evening, I Googled Mexican Coke & was surprised to find so many articles related to it & how it’s something that people actually look for because it’s so much better than the US version.

I really tripped out when I found articles that told of US Coke bottlers trying to stop the import of Mexican Coke. Ultimately, they were unsuccessful.

Mexican Coke basically, can be found in most Mexican markets or other small world markets that cater to immigrant folk like ZZ’s market in Ann Arbor, MI.

If you get the chance to try Mexican Coke, you will taste the difference immediately! It’s so sweet & delicious & surprisingly even good without spiced rum.

As a side note, Suite Suzy noticed that the Kroger grocery store now has Mexican Coke for $1.79 a bottle. Hmmmm, I think I will just get it at ZZ’s when I need it. I like supporting the independent markets vs. corps whenever possible.


Today, I got a call to tune into NPR & to listen to a discussion on the article recently published in the New York Times on this interesting debate. It’s so crazy to see that I’m ttally not alone in my love for Mexican Coke. And yes, I’m now one of 11,000+ fans on Facebook.