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Author: Tafari, Thursday, November 26th, 2009 at 12:00 AM Mindspill

BUY Diovan ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, I was recently contacted by my friend, author & fellow blogger Richard Graves aKa DJ Black Adam about his upcoming book titled “Unbelieving Believers” in regards to his need for cover art.

After intense negotiations, the rest is history.

Above is the cover art for his release featuring my photo “Like A Prayer.” Funny how my photo title & his book wound up together. I found it to be a fitting choice based on the subject matter of his book.

You can find “Unbelieving Believers” here in paperback & digital download versions.

If you are looking for stock art, Diovan for sale, Purchase Diovan ONLINE WITHOUT prescription, check out my stock work available via Getty Images or contact me for details.

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  1. WandaWoman Says:

    Awesome photo!

  2. DJ Black Adam Says:

    Thanks Byg, your artwork is incredible!

  3. Amber "Bam" Cabral Says:

    Hey love the link isnt working for the book..

  4. Tafari Says:

    Oh shit! My link game was off. Thx for pointing that out Bam!!!

    Wanda & Richard – Thx!


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