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Author: Tafari, Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009 at 10:29 PM

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He then asked me if I was ready for Christmas, real brand Menadione online. Menadione samples, I told him that I wasn’t because I don’t celebrate Christmas.

He then looked at me all confused & was like really. I was like really!

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Before he could ask me anymore personal questions, I simply stated that I was holiday celebration hating Atheist.

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  1. toni Says:

    Sometimes I live for those conversations! I'm not an atheist, but neither am I believer in the major 3 religions. I love the look on my customers faces when I tell them I don't celebrate Christmas!

  2. Los Angelista Says:

    "I’m not at the gym to be preached at; I’m there to lose this rotund belly & man titties."

    First of all, THIS is why I love you!

    Second of all, has he never met an atheist before? Not to mention, a LOT of hardcore Christians do not do the whole Santa and some presents mess because they think it's ridiculous, materialistic and against every value that Christ's life stood for.

    You should've told him that ursury (that's essentially what using credit cards is) is forbidden in the Bible so you are walking the path of spiritual correctness by refusing to use them to do Christmas. Sigh.

  3. Tafari Says:

    Toni – I have to admit, I do find it amusing when people ask me this & that & I respond, oh, I'm not into that. Its amazing how Im judged as they sometimes look in wonderment.

    Its also hard not to say happy holidays back. Should I do it to be courteous? Should I continue to say thanks when they tell me. Oh, the life of a cynic.

    Liz – If One cannot poke fun at themselves, then who? You know Im not shamed.

    The materialism in holidays in general is simply dumbfounding. As soon as Xmas is over, we will see Valentines candies, cards & sex toys. Well, maybe not the sex toys but still.

    I encounter a lot of craziness at the gym, I wonder what he will say to me the next time we meet. If he tries to throw some holy water on me or something, it may get ugly!

  4. The Brown Blogger Says:

    It is SO hard to try to keep it moving, especially during this time of year. Folks choose not to see and respect others views and opinions like they want to be respected.

    They forget that free will is a choice and what they choose only works for them…

    And I'm on that mam titty and stomach reduction thang myself… Power on.

  5. ayankha Says:

    Gym banter, especially around this time, can sometimes (most times for me) be sooo annoying! I don't get why people throw Xmas into passing moments and get surprised when someone says "nah, that's not me". Hello…we do live in America…there's bound to be people who not only don't celebrate Xmas but give it the finger- at least the part where an all-knowing, all-seeing White dude breaks in the house and gives kids presents. Where is that mofo when kids are asking for jobs for their parents or some other thing besides toys?

  6. DJ Black Adam Says:

    You should tell people you celebrate my holiday "Festivus for the Rest of us"!! Seriously. I actually STOPPED celebrating Christmas After I became a Christian.

  7. missregan Says:

    I grew up a Jehovah's Witness (mother converted when I was 5) and didn't celebrate Christmas. I must admit as a young person it was hard to be the odd one out…having to leave the classroom whenever there were Christmas activities going on. Now as an agnostic (or as some people call it "the lazy man's atheist" lol!) I still don't celebrate it in the religious sense but I will take advantage of the time when the family is under one roof and help myself to some egg nog and other holiday treats! lol! My grandmother asked me the other day "You don't put up Christmas decorations at your place?"


  8. John Says:

    LOL rotund belly & man titties.
    WOW is all I can say

    Well he did ask the question…So it's his fault

  9. JB Says:

    good answer!! ;-)) throwing a curve ball is always good!!

  10. JB Says:

    but are you really athiest? so is that your title at work? what's your job description?

  11. MissMolly1980 Says:

    I love this. Not a big fan of Christmas either. I think that it has become way to commercialized. I hate seeing people that cry "broke", going broke over gifts that they obviously can't afford for the sake of keeping up appearances.

  12. Tafari Says:

    Well, the good news is that Christmas is over, the bell ringers are gone & the decorations are almost down & life will be great!

    JB – I am an Atheist. My job title is Angry Mofo. LOL!!!

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