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Author: Tafari, Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010 at 11:03 PM Mindspill

BUY Soma ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, Saturday of fashion week my schedule got all twisted up & I decided that I would shoot the Diane von Furstenberg show instead of  the Vassilios Kostetsos show. Soma over the counter, I had a seat (row 3) at the Vassilios Kostetsos show & I decided to actually enjoy the show from a seat instead of fighting for a space in the photo pit.

After the DVF show, buy Soma from canada, Fast shipping Soma, I decided to head to Harlem for dinner at Amy Ruth’s.

I had been craving Amy Ruth’s for a while & I had 3 hours to get a great meal, purchase Soma. Kjøpe Soma på nett, köpa Soma online, To get to this meal, I had to take 2 trains and a bus in the rain with no umbrella, canada, mexico, india. I was bound & determined to sit at Amy Ruth’s to have that honey dipped fried chicken, collard greens & off the HOOK mac n cheese, BUY Soma ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. Soma price, coupon, About an hour after leaving Lincoln Center, I show up at Amy Ruth’s, where can i order Soma without prescription, Australia, uk, us, usa, ordered my food & thought to myself; this shit better be good after all of that.

Well, buy generic Soma, Order Soma online overnight delivery no prescription, it was. It was probably the best meal that I had in NYC that week, buy Soma from mexico. Buy Soma no prescription, And I had some GREAT food. BUY Soma ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, So now I’m full and headed back to Lincoln Center in the rain. As soon as I step out of Amy Ruth’s I notice the art work above, purchase Soma online. Where can i buy Soma online, I don’t know how I missed it the 1st time around. Maybe I was just so damn focused on the food, purchase Soma online. Where can i buy Soma online, Whatever the case, this piece totally put me in a good headspace, real brand Soma online. The vibrant colors, the texture, the pronounced features, the everything, BUY Soma ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. Buy Soma ONLINE WITHOUT prescription, OK, now I’m on the bus, buy Soma from mexico, Buy cheap Soma, I’m stuffed full of great soul food & excited about watching the Vassilios Kostetsos show. Good shit right, ordering Soma online. Kjøpe Soma på nett, köpa Soma online, Well it all came crashing down when I got on the bus headed downtown and I spot this hot ass mess.

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  1. Michael_Aaron Says:

    Sooooooooo……………….there’s no picture of the chicken? lol Color this coon “disappointed.” lol

  2. MonaMade Says:

    Great story as always. I too thought a photo of that yummy plate was coming. So I am only left with my imagination. The mural however, is really great, the colors rock. That other photo you have linked. Not. Bye.

  3. Tafari Says:

    Michael – I thought I took a photo of it with my phone but cannot find it anywhere so just put it this way; it looked like fired chick should!

    Moma – Why yall gotta go all black on me. OK, next time there will be photos of the chicken!

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