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Author: Tafari, Sunday, September 5th, 2010 at 9:30 PM Mindspill

BUY Microlean ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, Last week I had a bit of a lush emergency after having a GREAT time at the Brooklyn Loves Michael Jackson party.

After the party, buy cheap Microlean no rx, Kjøpe Microlean på nett, köpa Microlean online, I all of the sudden started having MASSIVE foot discomfort. It was to the point of crippling, buy generic Microlean. Order Microlean from mexican pharmacy, I wanted to take off my shoes & lay down somewhere to get my mind right.

I could hardly make it back to the subway with out taking a break, where can i buy cheapest Microlean online. It was just plain bad, BUY Microlean ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. Online buying Microlean hcl, So bad that I had to sit on subway steps because I just couldn’t handle standing.

By the time I made it back to the hotel, canada, mexico, india, Purchase Microlean online, I felt a lot better so I hit the concierge desk because I needed some Tanqueray in my system & in a bad way.

The concierge gave my directions & I set out to get myself a drank, order Microlean from United States pharmacy. Microlean for sale, Well, I got to the store & that mofo was closed, purchase Microlean ONLINE WITHOUT prescription. BUY Microlean ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, As I walked away, I saw a wino looking fellow & asked him where the nearest liquor store was & he gave me directions. Buy Microlean ONLINE WITHOUT prescription, Then, my feet started acting back up, Microlean from canadian pharmacy. Microlean price, coupon, It didn’t feel like real life but I kept going. I NEEDED that Tanqueray, fast shipping Microlean. Buy Microlean without a prescription, As I set off on the 2nd leg of the journey, I took this photo, buy Microlean from mexico. Next thing you know, I’m lost & in China Town somewhere, BUY Microlean ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. Comprar en línea Microlean, comprar Microlean baratos, So, I spot another wino fellow & asked him where the liquor store was, Microlean trusted pharmacy reviews. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, He pointed me in the direction & I thought I was all set.

I got to where he stated & there was nothing there but some fist markets, where to buy Microlean. Where can i order Microlean without prescription, WTF. BUY Microlean ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, Out of frustration, I took to twitter & had the following dialogue:

- @bygbaby New York, can a nigga find a liquor store in this bitch???.

- @Detroit_O RT: @bygbaby New York, australia, uk, us, usa, Buy Microlean online cod, can a nigga find a liquor store in this bitch???.

- @Jazz_Kat I to @Detroit_O he must be in midtown, online buy Microlean without a prescription. Where can i find Microlean online, Harlem has one every other block. Right next to the church, rx free Microlean. Lol

- @bygbaby to @Jazz_Kat I'm in china town and it's like prohibition hit this bitch, BUY Microlean ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. Order Microlean online c.o.d, I need some gin & quick.

After I finally found a store & was mentally relieved but my feet were killing me even more, buy cheap Microlean. Buy Microlean without prescription, To make matter worse, the store only had gallon sizes of Tanqueray, buy no prescription Microlean online. Ordering Microlean online, That was way too much. BUY Microlean ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, I just needed a hit. So instead, buy Microlean from canada, Where can i buy Microlean online, I settled for Capt Morgan instead. I picked up a few Cokes & tweeted this:

-  @bygbaby Has liquor, order Microlean no prescription. Buy Microlean no prescription, Thank you sweet white Jesus for the Chinese liquor sto’.

-  @bygbaby In the last 3 hours, buying Microlean online over the counter, Real brand Microlean online, Ive been through some version of hell. Way too fucked up to even explain but it all started with a closed liquor store, purchase Microlean. Microlean over the counter, It was a wild & unnecessary painful adventure. Being a lush with needs is not always a good luck, real brand Microlean online. Buy Microlean no prescription, At least I got a photo out of the deal though. Buy Microlean without prescription. Kjøpe Microlean på nett, köpa Microlean online. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal.

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  1. Mary (Adeeba) Says:

    You know that I laughed out loud when reading this post.
    My son gave me this “beady” eyed look… Cause he thought I was laughing at him when he dropped his toast on the floor!

    Haaaaaaah! I’m still laughing now at his azzz

  2. Keyknow Says:

    Note to self: Stay outta Chinatown if you really need a drink.

  3. Tafari Says:

    Yes, stay out of China Town & bring shoe inserts for comfort!

  4. Jose Says:

    And all this could have been avoided if you had just given a negro a call. A-mazing. -throws you on the paddywagon and wishes you well-

  5. Tafari Says:

    What was I thinking? Obviously nothing. I was blinded by my need for libation. On a positive note, I’m scheduled to see a podiatrist at the end of the month. Long over due!

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