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Author: Tafari, Sunday, October 10th, 2010 at 6:35 PM Mindspill

BUY Ketoconazole ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, (L - R) Queen Aaminah, Helene Faussart, ME, Celia Faussart, Alexis Juliard

Last night Suite Suzy & I attended the Les Nubians concert at the Magic Stick midtown Detroit.

When I learned of the concert last two months ago, I was sooo pumped. Purchase Ketoconazole online, I’ve been in love with Helene & Celia since the debut of "Princesses Nubians." I know all the words to each song but like most I have no idea what the hell they are saying but it all sounds so sexy. Actually, buy Ketoconazole from mexico, Buy cheap Ketoconazole, I do know the understanding of many of the songs, I’m just saying, where to buy Ketoconazole. Buy generic Ketoconazole, So as I mentioned, I was totally hype for the concert then last week courtesy of, Ketoconazole gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Ketoconazole trusted pharmacy reviews, I downloaded their latest single “Liberté” from the forth-coming album “Nü Revolution.” “Liberté” is the type of song that I come to expect from Les Nubians as it refreshing, energetic and packed with soulful meaning, Ketoconazole price, coupon. Buy cheap Ketoconazole no rx, My mouth was totally watering for more new vibrations and boy did they quench my needs last night.

They performed many of their popular songs, which can be seen/heard below and they also gave a healthy dose of what to expect from the new album, BUY Ketoconazole ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION.

So the show opens up with “Les Gens, order Ketoconazole from United States pharmacy, Buy no prescription Ketoconazole online, ” which was co-written with my friend Detroit house diva Diviniti. It was a POWERFUL way to start the show & making it better was having Diviniti on vocals, australia, uk, us, usa. Ketoconazole over the counter, After the first song, Helene & Celia expressed their love for Detroit and shared with this audience the story of how the upcoming album all started in Detroit with the production help of Piranhahead & Diviniti, online buying Ketoconazole hcl. Buy Ketoconazole ONLINE WITHOUT prescription, The crowd cheered. BUY Ketoconazole ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, It’s great seeing our local artist out on the scene getting their grind & shine on.

The night went on with dancing, where can i find Ketoconazole online, Fast shipping Ketoconazole, political messages, a shout out to Barack Obama (the group dedicated “Liberté” Barack), kjøpe Ketoconazole på nett, köpa Ketoconazole online, Ketoconazole samples, afro shaking and a request that all the women in the crown “master their pussy.” It’s not often that you hear master your pussy at a live event.

Once the event was over, purchase Ketoconazole ONLINE WITHOUT prescription, Where can i buy cheapest Ketoconazole online, I was able to kick it with the entire band and get some photos. Actually, online buy Ketoconazole without a prescription, Order Ketoconazole no prescription, it started off with me getting photos of Helene & Celia, then Celia asked if I would photograph the band, order Ketoconazole online c.o.d. Buy Ketoconazole from canada, Of course I’m like sure. So once the group was assembled, Celia was like wait, don’t we need more light, BUY Ketoconazole ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. I explained that I come equipped with my own light & the rest was history, buy Ketoconazole without prescription. Rx free Ketoconazole, They loved the photos.

Speaking of photos, order Ketoconazole from mexican pharmacy, Order Ketoconazole online overnight delivery no prescription, you can get a glimpse of them here.

You can get a copy of the Nü Revolution EP from the newly revised Les Nubians website or at a stop along the remainder of their promo tour

Oh & peep the shout out via Twitter.., Ketoconazole from canadian pharmacy. Buy Ketoconazole no prescription, Mindspill

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10 Responses to “BUY Ketoconazole ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION”

  1. craig Says:

    How cool is that! Plus you rocking your Laylah Hathaway shirt. I’m hanging with the wrong negroups!

  2. [flahy][blak][chik] Says:

    ohh who’s the cute tall guy on the

  3. Mary B. Says:

    It’s really cool that you get to shoot in all these really intimate venues.

  4. peacefulgroove Says:

    I LOVE THEM!!!!

  5. Wanda Says:

    Awesome and amazing!

  6. aisha.hj Says:

    awww they look amazing. wow, i need to stay on top of concerts in the City. thanks for sharing….thoroughly enjoyed the photos & the uploaded video.

  7. Denise.CM Says:

    I got a chance to attend the concert…they were incredible!!!!! It was definitely a sexy, thought provoking, feel good time!!! I’m so glad you posted the pictures! The photos are wonderfully done!!! I’m never disappointed! Thanks

  8. Tafari Says:

    Thx for the feedback & love friends. It was quite a show.

    Yesha – Sorry, when I initially posted this, I left off a name but he is Alexis Juliard (Frenchman)

    Denise, sorry we did not connect. Would love to put the online connection to a real face.

  9. Mary (Adeeba) Says:

    This is so cool! Where do you get all this energy? I mean I wanted to go to that event too? I am getting way too old.

    Suite Suzy must have taken that photo…please give her “propers” ! :) I’m just sayin…….

  10. MonaMade Says:

    Another entertainment production win. You are becoming the next best thing to being there. The quality always outstanding, and the videos have become that extra extension. It’s like front row seats. Not to mention, these ladies are amazing in their performance. Excellent job. And please don’t tell me you shot this video with your iphone?

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