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Author: Tafari, Friday, November 5th, 2010 at 9:41 PM

BUY Klonopin (Brand) ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, Meet John Barr; Ypsilanti Township, Mich racist.

I met John this past Tuesday (Nov 2) when I went to my polling location to vote.


Over the last few months, order Klonopin (Brand) no prescription, I had been debating how I would vote for Mich governor. Buying Klonopin (Brand) online over the counter, I was or torn between voting for a republican whom I felt was competent and a needed change for the state or voting for the democratic option who reminded me of Rod Blagojevich that makes my skin crawl.

Tuesday: Day One

The day of the vote I kinda just said fuck it all. I can’t vote for any of these fools, BUY Klonopin (Brand) ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. Why does it always seem like we have to choose between two evils, Klonopin (Brand) over the counter. With that said, Purchase Klonopin (Brand) online, I decided not to vote.

Yeah, I said I decided not to vote, where can i buy cheapest Klonopin (Brand) online.

OK, Comprar en línea Klonopin (Brand), comprar Klonopin (Brand) baratos, so now, I’m leaving work headed home and I get near my polling place and did an about face and decided to vote. BUY Klonopin (Brand) ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, I guess karma was on my side because the location was not super busy and I got a parking space right at the door.

As I’m getting out my car, buy generic Klonopin (Brand), I was approached by a man passing out literature for candidates that he was supporting. Order Klonopin (Brand) from mexican pharmacy, Then he took it a step further and said let’s get Virg Bernero (the democrat) in the governor’s office. I explained that there was no way that I was going to vote for him.

After I made my statement, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, his tone changed and he started acting like he was my real daddy or something breaking down how republicans are not for us, Buy Klonopin (Brand) without prescription, the greater good of Negro people, how he would be better for business blah blah blah.

Then he went on to tell me that he owns a liquor store and funeral home, BUY Klonopin (Brand) ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. I was like really, australia, uk, us, usa. Then I asked if he laid to rest any of his alcoholic customers from his store. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, I was just being an asshole…

Minutes later, I’m in line to vote.

I hand over my ID and the person looks me up then she hands me my voter application to get my ballot, where to buy Klonopin (Brand). BUY Klonopin (Brand) ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, I then move to the ballot line, which is where John Barr and I 1st made contact.

I approach John with my ID and voter application in hand and greeted him with a hello. Klonopin (Brand) for sale, He extends his hands to take my information and reciprocates my greeting.

As he was looking me up, he asked “how is your gangsta’ rap group going?” Taken aback, fast shipping Klonopin (Brand), I said excuse me. Buy Klonopin (Brand) no prescription, He then repeated the question looking me dead in my eyes. I then asked John what made him think that I was in a gangsta’ rap group, BUY Klonopin (Brand) ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. He exclaimed “everyone with hair like that is a gangsta rapper!”

At this point, I shouted back “are you racially profiling me as I attempt to vote, purchase Klonopin (Brand) ONLINE WITHOUT prescription. Are you serious. Kjøpe Klonopin (Brand) på nett, köpa Klonopin (Brand) online, Do you really mean to intimidate me at the voting poll in the year 2010?”

All I got back from my line of questioning was a dumb ass blank stare that only an imbecile could give.

I then demanded to see someone in charge!!. BUY Klonopin (Brand) ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, Moments later, a very sweet woman approached me and I explained what happened. All the while she was in utter shock, Klonopin (Brand) over the counter. At the end of my rant, Purchase Klonopin (Brand) online, she asked me to not leave so that she could process me personally as she dismissed John.

As she handed me a ballot, she requested that I not leave so that she could get me in touch with the township clerk, where can i buy Klonopin (Brand) online.

So I now have my ballot and I’m in the booth PISSED off.

As I stated before, I was going to vote for the republican gubernatorial candidate but then I started having civil rights flashbacks and said fuck that, I can’t go that way, BUY Klonopin (Brand) ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. Order Klonopin (Brand) online c.o.d, After the ballot was completed, I handed it back to the sweet lady (she had be to in her 70s). She thanked me for my patience and told me that the township clerk; Karen Lovejoy Roe was waiting to see me at her nearby office, buy cheap Klonopin (Brand) no rx.

As I was leaving, Where can i find Klonopin (Brand) online, I spotted John pacing back and forth. I wanted to cuss him out but I kept it moving. BUY Klonopin (Brand) ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, Now I’m at the clerk’s office and Karen walks right up to me, introduces herself and apologizes profusely as we walked to her office.

As we talked her office, where to buy Klonopin (Brand), I gave my accounting of events and she listened in disbelief. Order Klonopin (Brand) online overnight delivery no prescription, After I was done, she informed me that she spoke with John and he was like yeah, I said it, buy Klonopin (Brand) without a prescription. Then it went a step further by him telling her that I obviously wasn’t in management because people in management don’t look like me. Buying Klonopin (Brand) online over the counter, Really bitch. Are you serious, BUY Klonopin (Brand) ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION.

I’m just done at this point….. I stayed composed although pissed off and was like so now what, online buying Klonopin (Brand) hcl.

Karen informed me that she needed to call the state elections board to see what her next move should be and that she would be in touch to keep me posted. Buy Klonopin (Brand) from canada, She then explained that this has never happened before and assured me that John would never work for her again. BUY Klonopin (Brand) ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, So as we wrap, she makes a pitch to recruit me as a poll worker and gives me two applications. She then stated that she always needs qualified poll workers who are computer savvy.

I took the applications but in the front, rx free Klonopin (Brand), back and middle of my mind, Buy cheap Klonopin (Brand), I’m like are you serious. I was just assaulted/insulted and you’re trying to recruit me. Ummmm, ordering Klonopin (Brand) online, no boo.

Wednesday - Next Day:

I get to my day job and tell a co-worker what jumped off and she was like you need to contact the NAACP with the quickness, BUY Klonopin (Brand) ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. Online buy Klonopin (Brand) without a prescription, Before she mentioned the antiquated group I was wondered what else I needed to do.

So now it’s 930am and I call my local office and I got no answer. I then call another nearby office and got no answer, australia, uk, us, usa. I then call then the Detroit office and got no answer. BUY Klonopin (Brand) ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, I kept called all three offices for the next 4 hours and got NO ANSWER, just a raggedy voicemail. Klonopin (Brand) from canadian pharmacy, On my last try at the Detroit office, I finally got someone and explained my issue. The young man requested that I hold the line………, canada, mexico, india. After holding briefly, Order Klonopin (Brand) no prescription, I was transferred to a voicemail box. Great another roadblock. This time I decide to leave a message, BUY Klonopin (Brand) ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION.

Thursday – Two Days Later:

I get a status update from Karen telling me that she is still waiting to hear back from the state about the issue and that she would get back with me ASAP, order Klonopin (Brand) from mexican pharmacy. I appreciated her call. Buy Klonopin (Brand) ONLINE WITHOUT prescription, And still no response from the NAACP

Friday - Three Days Later:

No follow up from Karen Lovejoy Roe at all. I’m disappointed. BUY Klonopin (Brand) ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, It has been 3 days…

Still no response from the NAACP and I again made repeated calls that all went unanswered.

At this point, where can i buy cheapest Klonopin (Brand) online, I’m disappointed that I have not heard back from Karen but I’m pissed the fuck off over not hearing from the NAACP. Klonopin (Brand) trusted pharmacy reviews, To deal with my pissed offness, I call the state bureau of elections my damn self. Wound up talking to some guy who told me that I could send in a complaint letter or send an email detailing my experience, purchase Klonopin (Brand). He then stated that if I wanted a response back that I needed to indicate that in my correspondence.

Really, BUY Klonopin (Brand) ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. Buy Klonopin (Brand) without prescription, I have to tell you that I want a response back. No, really, Klonopin (Brand) gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Shouldn't you just fucking respond.

I hung up the phone frustrated and turned off. BUY Klonopin (Brand) ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, Lastly, I posted this on the NAACP’s Facebook Page:

“I've been upset over the fact that I was racially profiled and intimidated at my polling location this past Tuesday by a poll worker. My frustration has been compounded after I called three local Detroit area NAACP offices whom all failed to return my call after leaving a message. Additionally, I have not been able to reach anyone in an office as the phones ring continually. This cannot be how you conduct business in 2010...”

I feel like I have no advocate, no attention etc. Just not cool.

Next election, I’m voting absentee.

For the record:

- Yeah, John did smile from me when I took the photo.

- I called the ACLU & Urban League & they were not into my issue.

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31 Responses to “BUY Klonopin (Brand) ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION”

  1. MonaMade Says:

    This is totally outrageous on so many levels. Good for you and your efforts. But this must not end. The audacity, and the disappointment.

  2. Morphowings Says:

    I’m linking this post to my facebook page. Just in case someone is in denial. Hope thats ok with you.

  3. Anna Says:

    Again … sorry you had to go through this, so glad you continue to follow up. Hold their feet to the damn fire.

    Folks cannot be complaining that people don’t vote and then not do shit about this!

  4. Anna Says:

    Oh…and I always vote absentee even though I take it to my polling place to turn in. Mostly cause I don’t like to be rushed in the booth …

  5. Ieisha Says:

    Can you make this a newsworthy story? Call Jeff Johnson? Tom Joyner? Michael Baisden? Lol…I kid. I can’t stand those guys. But really, your story cannot be swept under the rug.

    And people think we’ve “changed” cuz Obama’s in office. Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit! *in my Clay Davis voice*

  6. JVLIVS Says:

    Wow, man. After all that, you still kept your cool.

    Got me thinkin’, we’re in the SECOND decade of the 21st century, and folks are STILL holding onto the traditions they’ve formerly had in their ignorance.

    That SUCKS and BLOWS at the same time!

  7. Asia Says:

    I’m so sorry you had to experience that, especially on election day. You should send this story take a few media outlets. Let me know if you need my help. *wink*

  8. Tweets that mention Tafari's Mind Spill » Archives » When Voting and Racism Collide -- Says:

    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by wonderful wanda and Mona, Photos By Tafari. Photos By Tafari said: My blog post on my racist experience is generating some really good feedback & dialogue! […]

  9. Keyknow Says:

    Knowing you like i do, i am really surprised you didn’t straight cuss that motherfucker out cause i know i would have. But you handled it the correct way, hopefully someone reads this blog & gets in touch with you & gives you some kind of closure. But you still should have went off on his racist ass. First wanting to give you watermelon in Hart Plaza, now this. Where will it end.

  10. Renea Says:

    Power to the people? Tafari, I am so glad you are documenting your experience. I’m going to link to it on Facebook and try to think of some ways to get it to someone of influence.

  11. arrogance, racism and naacp fail? « windmill perception Says:

    […] A photography comrade that I know online contacted the NAACP about the racial profiling that he experienced at the polling station he went to for the midterm elections. It’s days later and he has received no kind of response from them. He wrote about this on his blog, which you can read here: When Voting and Racism Collide […]

  12. Julian Says:

    “Then I asked if he laid to rest any of his alcoholic customers from his store. I was just being an asshole…” LOL

    …this story is insane! And, I can’t believe you still took a picture of the guy! lol

  13. RiPPa Says:

    And the muthafucka posed for a picture? Now I have to wonder if he is just a dumbass who didn’t know any better or a true racist prick who doesn’t give a fuck.

    Tough call on that one, bro.

    I wonder what he would have said if you were dressed like a member of the New Black Panther Party? Hmmmmm…

  14. Sha Speaks Says:

    First of all I applaud you on the notes you kept or you have a damn good memory. Secondly, don’t give up continue to make your phone calls and tell your story everywhere until you are heard. Send this to the White House and President Obama’s office. Their information is on their facebook page. I know. I had been fighting a case for five years and am just now getting heard because they see i won’t give up and am not afriad to speak out. You are doing just that.

    I live in a racist state and finally I got the politicians involved in my case because I will call until I get the answer I want and I need. Prayer won’t hurt either. I am sharing your story as well…Stand for something or fall for everything that comes your way. GOOD FOR YOU.

  15. Tafari Says:

    Friends thank you so much for your words of encouragement and thanks to you that are helping to spread my story.

    Please rest assured that I am not resting here. Tomorrow, I will restart my campaign to seek closure & resolution.

    This type of incident should not occur in these times but this is America so anything is possible.

    I hate that this occurred but I am happy that it happened to me as someone who will not tolerate & fight back against these types behaviors. We must not be afraid to speak out! Please stay tuned for updates.

  16. Constructive Feedback Says:


    While the poll proctor was IGNORANT and he had no business making any comments to you beyond what was relevant to your voting experience I have one question for you:

    How is it that upon your experience of “racism” (more accurately “racial insensitivity”) that the DEMOCRATS were awarded the proceeds of this voting-time experience?

    * Was John Barr a REPUBLICAN and/or an official with the governor’s campaign?

    * As you weigh the DAMAGE done to the Black community interest in Detroit and Flint (I was there about 4 months ago) HOW does this ONE INCIDENT by ONE MAN cause you to become a “nullified voter” in regards to the INCUMBENTS that presided over the crash and burn?

  17. craig Says:

    OK, I’m too pissed to comment.
    I gotta process this sh*t.

  18. los angelista Says:

    Tafari, I am so sorry this happened to you and I commend your taking action and not sweeping it under the rug. Keep us posted on what pops off with the NAACP and the State of Michigan election peeps. SOMEBODY better respond!

  19. chuck Says:

    Amazing…not surprising but amazing none the less. You handled it marvelously and shame on the NAACP for forgetting who and why they are!

  20. chidy, negress Says:

    here from FN’s link, you’re new to me and i’m sorry for that; i used to live in A2 and also Ypsi. anyway, here’s why no one with real power and influence cares about what happened to you, and thus didn’t bother to return your phone calls: 1) you’re not a billionaire. 2) it seems that you still believe you only have two choices for state office, one dem and one repub. but in fact, the whole of your ballot,including many higher state offices, also had (try not to faint) 3rd party candidates for whom you might have chosen to vote. i know what you’re thinking, but here’s what i’m thinking: you know why those rarely win? because people like you don’t even consider them, even when you’ve been spit on in the face by the Openly Racist and Sexist party of Warmongering Crony Theocratic Homophobes, and also treated like an ignorant child by the Condescending Party of Rich White So-Called Liberals from the Coasts who Know More Than You Ever Will.

    when you understand that about american politics, and act up and on the fact of it, you’ll find people pay more attention to your political wishes. not necessarily in a good way, mind you (some will try to put you in prison for expressing such views). but at least they won’t treat you like a rube.

  21. Tafari Says:

    So many comments that I don’t know where to start but thank you all for reaching out to me!!!

    Constructive Feedback – OMG, I could write a 2 page response to that essay question. You’re making me think but without going there, Ill say this.

    I react emotionally to everything, I’m an artist so my thought process has no rhyme or reason on many things

    Not sure who John represented but my cage was rattled so my prior wavering on who to vote for plus this drama & my flashback created for an experienced that I have never felt before. I could have done better but the water is under the bridge now.

    Craig – Comeback when you have your mind right bro!

    Liz _ If I didn’t say anything, who would? He picked the wrong one!!!

    Chidy, Negress – Thanks for stopping by & what a geographical coincidence!

    You make a valid point on the 3rd party candidates! I never research them and because they get no attention in other arenas, it is easy to ignore them & their platform(s). Sad I know but this is a larger problem nationally. BTW, I did almost faint. YIKES! LOL :)

  22. 3G Says:

    Having some trouble figuring out how you were “assaulted.” It definitely wasn’t the right thing to say to you, but to claim that you were assaulted? That’s laying it on a bit thick. What would you consider a resolution here?

    (Also, word to the wise- John Barr could sue you for posting his picture and defaming him without his permission. Just playing devil’s advocate there.)

  23. Tafari Says:

    If you fail to see the issue, there is not need discussing anything further with you. Thanks for your word to the wise but tell him to bring it.

  24. 3G Says:

    I definitely see the issue. I made that clear by saying “It definitely wasn’t the right thing to say to you.” That being said, I think you’re setting yourself up for a great deal of disappointment if you think that this issue is actionable in any real, constructive way.

  25. Tafari Says:

    Im not looking to have a million dollar settlement or anything related. What is important is that voters receive treatment that is none threatening, neutral & business like.

    What kind of action would I like?

    Diversity training, sensitivity classes and not just employment of warm bodies to get voters through during election day.

    My township clerk saw & felt the issues that only compounded when she talked to the offender herself so the issue is real & there needs to be follow up.

  26. David Says:

    I got here from a link from FN site. I can sympathize with your experience with the NAACP. This has nothing to do with voting but my interaction with the NAACP after a racist incident. I had a problem 4 years ago living in Upper Darby Pa just outside of Philadelphia. I had a noose hung on the front door of my apartment building. I called the police who of course did nothing. When I angrily asked the white MF who I know hung it the white cop got in my face and made it clear I would be arrested if I said anything else to him. All the while a white female neighbor of mines who saw this racist scum hang a similar noose in the back of my apt building was screaming at the cop. I appreciated the defense of my white neighbor but couldn’t help notice that the white cop didn’t threaten to arrest her. So I’m glad you didn’t lose your temper and curse the guy out because YOU would be the one in trouble. My white female neighbor even took pictures of the noose which I still have today. It ended with the cop saying no one saw him hang it so there was no evidence to arrest him for it. I felt like the white cop didn’t understand this was racial intimation.

    I decided to call the local NAACP in my county and got voice mail. I left messages and just like your experience I never got any calls back. When I finally spoke to someone at the Philly NAACP they simply give me cell number to a person who is the head of the local NAACP chapter in my county to call. He stated the Philly NAACP couldn’t get involve seeing it was outside of Philly. He stated they would have to be invited in by the local NAACP chapter who wasn’t retuning my calls! Just like you I gave up on it. The NAACP has a long history of helping black Americans but clearly they are not what they use to be.

  27. Tafari Says:

    David, all I can say is WOW. WOW. WOW!

    my incident pales in comparison and is actually frightening. The image of a noose flashes terrible images in my mind that Im sure you identify with.

    Are these people mentally ill?

    And you’re right, remaining calm is always the right move. I did not want the focus of my incident to be on my poor behavior although it could have easily slipped that way.

    The cop taking your report obviously had some color aroused biases that showed in your incident & that is so not cool when working to serve the people (all of the people).

    Lasty, after hearing your incident & some related in regards to the NAACP, I am more than convinced that they are TOTALLY out of touch, antiquated & not the organization that it once was.

    Who are our advocacy groups? *crickets*

    Thx for stopping by & sharing!


  28. Atty. Francis L. Holland Says:

    I live in Brazil, so my only option is to vote absentee, by contacting the Westport, MA clerk’s office. For the primaries, the ballot got to Brazil too late for me to vote. So, I sent a letter to the clerk and CC’d it to Democrats Abroad.

    After Democrats Abroad got in touch with the town Clerk, she sent me a ballot by Fedex with a return postage paid Fedex envelope.

    Since the ballot said I could send in my vote my e-mail, I did that, since I called FEDEX and they didn’t appear for the pick-up;

    I hope my vote was counted, because I voted for Deval Patrick who must the only the third African American governor of a state, with governor Wilde from Virginia coming first and now the Governor from New York coming in after MA Gov. Deval Patrick was elected. Gov. Patrick won by a landslide and for a second term, in the Massachusetts that is 5% and has a 100% Black Governor.

    I’ve heard that Gov. Patrick and President Obama maintain constant contact. Whatever worked for Deval Patrick in 5% Massachusetts should have some relevance for Obama in these 12.8%-Black United States of America.

  29. Stephen Bess Says:

    Wow! You know, you actually have people today who say that racism doesn’t exist. Thanks for sharing this brother. People need to know.

  30. David Says:

    Let me give you another perspective from a white guy.

    What you ran into was NOT “intimidation at the polling place”.

    What you ran into was a stupid guy who thought he was being FUNNY and engaging in the kind of humor you might hear on Tom Joyner or many other black talk shows. Think about it–on these shows you hear how Black-Americans rag on other blacks unmercifully, pulling out all the stereotypes when they joke–nappy hair, grey skin problems, etc. etc.

    This stupid, clueless guy thought you would find him “cool” or something. He might have even been expecting you to good-naturedly turn it around and make a “white” joke. If I had been within earshot I would have caught his eye and given him the “what the hell?” look.

    Maybe he has experiences in his life–outside the polling place–where he traded such banter with Black friends and they gave back but didn’t act angry at “profiling”.

    I promise you, he thought he was Mr. Comedian and that you were cool and understood his feeble joke.

    You wrote–“At this point, I shouted back “are you racially profiling me as I attempt to vote? Are you serious? Do you really mean to intimidate me at the voting poll in the year 2010?”

    All I got back from my line of questioning was a dumb ass blank stare that only an imbecile could give.”

    So, you shouted at him. And what you accused him of took him aback, for sure. No wonder the blank stare.


    I have read you and really respect a lot of your comments.

  31. Tafari Says:

    David, I appreciate your perspective here!!! But…. Just because we (Negroes) play the dozens amongst our selves does not mean that others are invited to play because it seems cool.

    Like, the only person that can talk about my mother is me.

    We can toss out “the N” word amongst each other (be it bad or good) but no one else can.

    With that said, John is WRONG. And I don’t and now know that John has not had close relationships with Negroes that would put him in this comfort zone.

    I have chilled on this big time & got some resolution so it is all good.

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