Well, two weeks ago I said that I was going to do a time-lapse video from the Top of the Rock & here I am with 82 images in a quick video.

I took the photos last Saturday & it was COLD AS HELL! So cold that I think hypothermia started setting in by the time I was done.

Before I got to the elevator up to the top of the GE Building, a security guard shut me down hard by telling me that I could not use my tripod. Damn! I checked the website beforehand & I did not see that tidbit. Oh well.

So now I’m at the top of the building & it was packed!!!!  I found a spot & kind of perched in the cold until I was really to begin.

My point was to photograph the cityscape as the sun set.  Once the sun started to set behind all of those clouds, things went really fast.  And while I tried to make things happen be getting steady & consistent images, it was virtually impossible with the volume of people & the security guards that were ever present.  One of them looked at me & was like, don’t you dare open that tripod. So I had to use it as some big awkward monopod.

When the lights atop of the Chrysler building were lit, you could hear people cheering. Then once the lights atop of the Empire State building came on, you would have thought a super star shower up. People were so happy. It was kind of cool though, in a geeky kind of way.

I am happy with the quality of the images overall but of course I am tripping on wanting them to be better. Circumstances…….