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Author: Tafari, Saturday, January 8th, 2011 at 2:30 PM Mindspill

BUY Levaquin ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, I think janky was one of my grandmother’s favorite words because she used it all the time. Where to buy Levaquin, She would say stuff like; “so and so is so damn janky,” “I don’t want that janky shit, buy Levaquin from canada, Order Levaquin from United States pharmacy, ” “bring your janky ass here,” “clean this janky mess up’ etc, australia, uk, us, usa. Buy Levaquin ONLINE WITHOUT prescription, I back then, way back then did not know what janky was but I knew it wasn’t good & I loved when she said it, online buy Levaquin without a prescription. Buy generic Levaquin, In my neighborhood, everyone said janky, where can i buy Levaquin online. Ordering Levaquin online, So I thought it was just something that people said everywhere.

Flash forward to autumn 2010 & I’m in NYC walking from Lincoln Center to Flute for cocktails with newfound friends Ty & Mike, BUY Levaquin ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION.

Along the walk, purchase Levaquin ONLINE WITHOUT prescription, Where can i buy cheapest Levaquin online, we were talking shop RE Fashion Week & just plain having a good time. At one point during the conversation, buy Levaquin no prescription, Order Levaquin from mexican pharmacy,  I said that something was janky. They were like what? Junky, Levaquin price, coupon. Buy cheap Levaquin, Im like no, janky, Levaquin for sale. BUY Levaquin ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, Then I laughed & said you don’t know what janky is. Buy Levaquin from canada, Following, I broke it down, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Kjøpe Levaquin på nett, köpa Levaquin online, Then I thought, was it a Detroit thing, where to buy Levaquin. Comprar en línea Levaquin, comprar Levaquin baratos, Shit, I say it everywhere I go & no one gives me a second look, buy Levaquin online cod. Purchase Levaquin online, Or maybe they do & I just don’t pay attention. Or maybe everyone knew my grandmother, BUY Levaquin ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION.

So since then Ty has been throwing janky out here & there, Levaquin over the counter. Order Levaquin online c.o.d, It always makes me smile & think about that walk.

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  1. Trudy Says:

    LOL! I love the word “janky.” NO ONE I know uses it but any time I hear it I laugh.

  2. meikmeika Says:

    I’ve never heard the word before but I know I’ll be using it in a conversation in the near future….hehe!

  3. Valarie Says:

    Wow, my Granny (God rest her soul) used that word as well. I truly believe it’s generational, southern type thing for sure…………

  4. Tweets that mention Tafari's Mind Spill » Archives » That’s Janky -- Says:

    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by T S H, T S H. T S H said: Comcast Internet service? Now "That’s Janky!" […]

  5. xphaqtor Says:

    I think its even funnier that Ice Cube made a movie called “Janky Promoters” and people still haven’t heard of this word.

    (Probably because that movie was so damn Janky)

  6. Jessica S. Says:

    Here in SF we say ‘jankety’ (or at least we used to, haven’t heard it in a good long time). Similar meaning to janky, I guess, but it also means old and run down or in great need of repair. As in, ‘You need to get rid of that jankety car, it’s got more rust than paint!’

  7. Tafari Says:

    I have been cracking up over all of your comments here. So funny how one word can inspire so many laughs!

    xphaqtor – I just heard of the movie Janky Producers the other day & died laughing. And guess what…. It’s now in my Netflix queue.

  8. J-Dubb Says:

    We been saying a janky person is one that is just plain crazy as hell and twacked back on that tweak…the fine wine, the chardonnay will make you janky as ever!!!

  9. sek1 Says:

    I forgot that SF says “Jankety.” I remember the compound word, “Jankety-ass,” being hella popular as in, “The Jankety-ass Muni is bein’ slow as F**K today.”

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