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In The Mood

Author: Tafari, Wednesday, April 20th, 2011 at 10:06 PM Mindspill

The other day I received some feedback for something that I did recently. Not really a big deal because I always welcome feedback, but this feedback went in the wrong direction!  Everyone knows that good feedback should be thought out, concise, and constructive. The feedback that I received was nothing that I just noted and it blew me out. Actually I was hurt. I slipped into a self-doubting mode and it lasted quite a while. I was so done that I called Cousin Dee so that she could talk me down and help get my mind right. In the usual fashion, she made me laugh about it during the entire conversation, but every now and then, I would slip into that zone that prompted me to call her in the first place. By the end of the conversation I was good and moving on thinking that I can only do what I do; nothing else. I’m hired because people like my style and the quality of work that I produce and of course everyone loves my winning personality. I’m not gloating but it is what it is. So yesterday, I reviewed some information that got me feeling some kind of way again then I just had to throw my hands up like for real. I cannot win them all. No one can. Last night, I thought about my reaction and realized that I let someone get the best of me over something that boiled down to bullshit. My assessment led me to realize that... I’m an artist, and I’m sensitive about MY shit! On another note: - I’m done with my winter semester with two classes knocked out. The end of the tunnel is 1 year away! This time next year, I’ll be inviting you to my graduation ceremony… I’m so looking forward to being down with this chapter of my life! - I thoroughly enjoyed the 1st installment of the PBS series "Black in Latin America." - My hair looks like a hot mess, but not in this photo that was taken by my friend Shades. It's a hot mess in real life. Cannot wait to get it 'did' Saturday!

7 Responses to “In The Mood”

  1. MonaMade Says:

    You have the magic that makes you special… You can’t buy it and you can’t teach it. Do you my brother. I love it.

  2. Mary B. Says:

    Sometimes you have to shake that stuff and keep moving. If what you do, works for you and people that hire you, that’s what counts. Take the good and spit out the weeds.

  3. Jessica S. Says:

    Criticism is a bitch, isn’t it? But even though it’s painful, sometimes it’s good to hear, whether you act on it or not. That’s one of my goals, to be able to take criticism better.

  4. BrendaKay Says:


    As a textile design and screen print artist, one of the very first lessons I learned when embarking on my art career was ~ unsolicited advice (which is generally just petty baseless criticism) is immediately ignored and disregarded. And if the person offering that unsolicited advice is foolish enough to be saying it to my face, I have no hesitation in cutting them off by saying in a firm, but polite tone of voice the following, “Thank you for your opinion. Now when you become an Art Master who is being paid hundreds or thousands of dollars for your opinion, then I will immediately seek you out. But until that time comes, do me a favor and shut the hell up!” And I make sure that I say that with the nicest possible smile on my face. :-)

    Keep doing what you know feels right and authentic to Tafari. Those who don’t get it, don’t matter because they are few in numbers. :-)

  5. mofunk Says:

    9 out 10 is not bad ! :) keep up the good work. Remember you inspire us more than the few that don’t get it.

  6. Eve Says:

    You’re awesome…screw em!!

  7. Tafari Says:

    Friends, thanks so much for the love. I really do love feedback especially if helps me improve on opportunity areas. Im so serious! It’s when feedback goes wrong & delivered in a method that is constructive. Not cool!!!

    You know that I’ll keep doing my ‘thang’ though. LOL!

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