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A Moment to Chillax

Author: Tafari, Tuesday, May 24th, 2011 at 11:37 PM Mindspill

The last three weeks of my life have been quite exhausting to say the least. I'm currently taking a change management class during the spring semester & the class has me super stressed with assignments due back to back. As previously mentioned, I also had a sailing and kayaking class that sucked up 2 entire weekends so.... Yesterday, I submitted a 27-page paper that I had to present (talk about boring!) only to turn around today to do a humongous essay style mid term exam. Basically, my mind is spent & I’m so tired of writing. Totally looking forward to the upcoming long weekend so that I can have a moment to decompress. This afternoon, I had 30 minutes to myself and I used them to enjoy a glass or two of my favorite chardonnay, the sun and my lush green grass. Just 4 more classes and I will not have to write posts like this...... I cannot wait. SERENITY NOW!

3 Responses to “A Moment to Chillax”

  1. JVLIVS Says:

    Man, we have somewhat more in common than you may realize. I would go further in detail right now, but time won’t permit it, but at the end of the day (and my work schedule fluctuates throughout the school year), either a nice glass on lemonade or some white zin or even mimosa will seal the deal for me.

    I enjoy reading your backstories. Simple, direct, and to the point!

  2. Jessica S. Says:

    Great shot anyway, even if you are stressed! Is that Lensbaby or blur added in post? (If I had to guess I’d say the second, but I’m not sure why.)

  3. Tafari Says:

    JVLIVS – Thx for checking me out. Nothing like a nice smooth beverage to help get your mind right.

    Jessica – The!!!! I actually took the photo with my iPhone & processed it in the Camera+ iPhone app. It does some pretty sweet stuff.

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