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About Last Night XIV: +FE | Detroit

Author: Tafari, Monday, May 9th, 2011 at 8:23 PM Mindspill

After many years of being a huge fan of The Foreign Exchange, I finally had the opportunity to see them perform in Detroit with Sy Smith & Zo last night! My expectations for the show were quite high & they were exceeded.  The crowd was super hype, the music was EVERY single thing, Phontae clowned on the stage & set the  crowd off with a rendition of "It's So Cold in the D" & Sy Smith was just WOW!  Making it even better was that I got to enjoy some of my favorite music, laughs & dancing with friends. Mindspill I’m happy that they performed at the Magic Stick because it’s a more intimate venue & you can usually interact with the performers after the show. In this case, I was able to talk with Nicolay who literally gave me the shirt off of his back while he was on stage when the show wrapped.  I chatted up Sy Smith who has wonderful presence. Even got a little groupie purchasing going on & copped this t-shirt. So happy they had husky sizes! Mindspill Mindspill

It was a GREAT night & thanks to my peeps at Soulbounce, I was able to shoot the show, so you have to see the rest of the shots here because. They are pretty awesome. I’m just saying.  

2 Responses to “About Last Night XIV: +FE | Detroit”

  1. Whodat Says:

    Yes, the shots are very nice!

  2. JVLIVS Says:

    Those shots are definitely nice. Sy Smith is a very talented songstress. I have one of her singles.

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