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Lincoln Center George

Author: Tafari, Tuesday, July 12th, 2011 at 10:44 PM Mindspill

"Lincoln Center George" is one of those New Yorkers that loves to be seen at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, in the tents or not.  Last season, I spotted him rocking various furry looks; some being more courageous or outrageous than the next. In the photo above he was rocking raccoon, skin tight stretch pants and tons of beautiful Native American jewelry.  Rumor has it that Lincoln Center George is 1/64th “Indian.” Who counts down that deep? Anyway….. With Lincoln Center George looking so wow... he was bound to catch attention right? Right!  There were very few periods where he was on the scene when he was not being interviewed, video'd, photographed or stared at  by curious/confused passersby. I had a small chat with him & he is a regular guy having a little fun while being ready for a throw down with PETA. I’m totally looking forward to see what Lincoln Center George has to offer in September with the fashion hungry converge on Lincoln Center for fashion week. Check here to view more of my NYC Analog Street Portrait series.

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  1. Asia Says:

    I wonder how did I miss this dude?

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