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Rememories of Him

Author: Tafari, Wednesday, July 13th, 2011 at 11:15 AM Mindspill

Ten years ago today, the man that made & shaped me became a memory.  Sometimes a painful one but most often a joyful one. I can still hear that late night call that I answered while vacationing in Toronto when my mother informed me that my father, RL Howard died from a heart attack. Ten years ago. Life and time has flown by pretty fast since that phone call and it was not a smooth flight initially. Immediately after his death, I had some real pain to work through! Luckily, I had the love and support from Suite Suzy, Olivia, my mother, and aunt Teresa. There goes no day that I don't think about my father. When I look in the mirror, I see him. When the room is quite, I hear him. When I laugh, I feel him near. Ten years ago. The time and space is only increasing since I last interacted with him but it still feels like yesterday. Just two weeks ago, Suite Suzy was driving my to the airport and during the drive, I had a moment reflecting about RL and started to cry out of control for the duration of the ride. Yeah, like out of nowhere. Ten years ago. I love you dad. I miss you dad. One of these days dad, we will reunite. Mindspill

7 Responses to “Rememories of Him”

  1. Tamara Says:

    Beautiful post & wonderful way to remember your dad. I have these moments all the time. Stay strong.

  2. apj Says:

    memories, while not a replacement, help us get from one point to another. they provide the salve until we are prepared for a heavenly meeting. may you continue to have great vivid memories.

  3. BlackCinemaAt Large Says:

    i don’t want to sound cosmic (it’s the california in me) but it has been proven to me more than once that people are still here, they just left their physical body. when you feel him, he probably is really there, just so proud of you.

    you really do have his eyes….

  4. sayitlikethis Says:

    You really do look like your dad. Great post on remembering him.

  5. Carol Reid Says:

    This was a really nice post T. Hugs to you.

  6. Tafari Says:

    Thank you all for your warm sentiments! I appreciate you…

  7. Glen Palmer Says:

    Feeling this post, very nice tribute to his memory. I feel the same about my grandmother.

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