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On Stage: Rachelle Ferrell

Author: Tafari, Monday, August 22nd, 2011 at 7:21 PM Mindspill

One of the VERY 1st CDs that I EVERY purchased was Rachelle Ferrell’s self titled album “Rachelle Ferrell” back in 1992. I purchased the album because I fell in love with her voice on “No Rhyme, No Reason” by George Duke, where she was on background vocals. I was infatuated. The “Rachelle Ferrell” album didn't leave my CD changer for at least a year because it had everything that I needed musically. Many Many Many years later when she released “Individuality,” that CD too never left my changer. Rochelle’s voice is just simply ridiculous and so very easy to love. Mindspill

When I saw her in concert in Detroit after the release of “Individuality” I was shocked to see how contorted her face became while she performed. It was CRAZY. But then, I thought about how Al Jarreau makes these same crazy faces. They both have powerful voices so I guess it all makes sense. Fast forward to this weekend and her performance at the 29th African World Festival downtown Detroit…. Mindspill

Come hell or high water, I was going to see Rachelle Sunday evening. Neither hell nor high water came but I was there to capture Rachelle in all of her glory. She gave a stupendous show that rocked the crowd. It was almost spiritual in a way. Emotional. Powerful. Moving. Mindspill

The show was already AWESOME, then Rachelle announced that Anita Baker was in the audience. The crowd erupted with thunderous applause & screaming. Erry-body in Detroit loves Anita Baker. To the audience’s surprise, Anita later joined Rachelle on stage for a song that I believe will be on Rachelle’s yet to be released album. There was no mention when the album would be released, however she she did share that she is partnering with Ledisi, Rahsaan Patterson, Lalah Hathaway & other friends. Mindspill

Being able to witness this amazing talent was everything that made my weekend over the top. Being able to photography one of my favorite vocalists is another notch in my belt. Getting it all done with an 85mm f/1.4 Nikkor lens, priceless! To see more outtakes from the performance, visit here.

12 Responses to “On Stage: Rachelle Ferrell”

  1. Mary B. Says:

    Great shots… I really like that 1st one. I LOVE her voice! A true vocalist.

  2. Diviniti Says:

    ABSOLUTELY awesome sots! Nice work…you really captured the mood.

  3. Diviniti Says:

    See I was sooooooo excited I messed up! I meant to say awesome SHOTS! LOL

  4. peacefulgroove Says:

    I’ve seen her the past two years here in Houston at the International Jazz fest. There are no words to describe this woman’s talent. I thoroughly enjoyed her both years singing for 1.5hrs her vocals floating into the evening air of downtown Houston as I sat on the grass..smiling. She’s been through a hard time with the music industry but I will NEVER not be a fan of hers…can’t wait for the new cd to drop..

  5. mofunk Says:


  6. Jessica Sweeney Says:

    Lucky you! And great shots. You must have been pretty close to the action.

  7. G. Greg Wells Says:

    Boy,…you got skills! I love these shots!

  8. MARY Says:

    AMAZING SHOTS! I love Rachelle, I have her second album twice, because one is re-released live Montreux Jazz Festival.

  9. MARY Says:

    let me correct this….I can hear my son’s voice telling me….”MOM, they are not albums but CD’S”!!!!

  10. Individuality (Can I Be Me) – Rachelle Ferrell | Today's Music Says:

    […] Tafari's Mind Spill » Archives » On Stage: Rachelle Ferrell […]

  11. Ravynne Says:

    I’ve still kept up with your blog, Tafari!

    I was reared on this woman. I thoroughly enjoy how she got started and how she’s kept on going! The photos are Great (as always).


    I know you don’t care but….

    I got to meet E.S. There were tons of people waiting for her outside, but I wanted to take pictures of the music hall and ran right into her! It was just me, her, and the person that accompanied me. She was very sweet. She walked over to me. we hugged? We chatted for a minute or two, I gave her a Dusty Springfield album and she signed the album I had of hers. I asked if I could get a photo with her and she obliged then the word got out on her where abouts and we said good bye.


  12. Tafari Says:

    Thx for all of the feedback!!!

    Mary B, When Anita Baker got on stage, she called Rachelle a “singer’s singer.” Im not a singer but I can co-sign on that!

    Diviniti, Thanks & at least you did not say “shits.” Ive made that mistake before. LOL!

    Peacefulgroove, Im really looking forward to her net release & it is so long overdue. Im not sure what her drama has been about but it must have been a hot mess to hold her up like this.

    Jessica, I was all up in the action. It is all about getting that hot press pass!!!

    G. Greg Wells, Thanks man! I try to give the people what they deserve in terms of imagery…

    Mary, I feel you, I still say albums! Im stuck in time that way & if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

    Ravynne, Hey you! It’s been a while and I hope that you are doing GREAT!!! And of course I care, I remember how you were excited to see Esperanza in Detroit. So were many of my friends. I heard that I missed one great show.

    Im happy that you had the chance to meet her & kick it after the show. That is one reason why I love the Music Hall because the artist that perform there usually hang around a bit & meet with fans…

    And how great is that she signed your album!!!! Hold on to that vinyl cover!

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