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One Hot Wedding

Author: Tafari, Friday, September 30th, 2011 at 10:37 PM Mindspill

Tarian & Zahra Marks wed on a day in Detroit than can only be described as a scorcher! Well, maybe the day wasn’t a scorcher but the temperature inside of the First Congregational Church of Detroit certainly was. Mindspill

I mean it was so hot that I think I had two mini heat strokes. The day of the wedding rehearsal when I learned that the church had no air, I panicked because I sweat badly. If you add the fact that I’m working on top you have a bad bad bad situation. Now that I know the church is hotter than all of July, next wedding, I will bring ice packs to hang off of my body. Aside from the intense heat, the wedding went on without a hitch & was actually quite fun and casual. Mindspill

Weddings can be emotional as we all know & Zahra almost got me to shed a tear when she found out that one of her brothers who’s deployed on a US armed forces mission was viewing the event via Skype on an iPad. Not sure what sparked my knee jerk reaction to her crying but it was cool & I kept it together. Now, my weddings for 2011 are over and I’m looking forward to seeing what awaits me in 2012. Actually, I would not mind a few last minute weddings throughout the end of the year. I'm just saying Mindspill

2 Responses to “One Hot Wedding”

  1. JVLIVS Says:

    Congrats. Mission accomplished!

  2. MARY Says:

    Very Nicely Done!
    You Da Mayneee!

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