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Getting Ready for the Show…

Author: Tafari, Thursday, December 8th, 2011 at 12:10 AM Mindspill

Been running around all evening getting some last minute framing done. Got off work later than I wanted to, had to deal with rush hour and make it to two frame shops before 7pm. I was able to make it all happen but I was wiped out of energy big time. Since I've been home, I realized two mistakes with my framing that I made, which have to corrected by tomorrow evening when I go to Detroit to hang the art. I really wish, I could just have someone do this stuff for me. Being an artist, semi-perfectionist & having little time to fit everything in is way too much right here, right now. And you know how sensitive about my shit I am... Hoping that all of the pieces are back in place tomorrow. I really am… Getting ready for a show, in my experience is never fun. So much to do, so little time…. And of course, I do EVERYTHING at the last minute. A good friend asked me if I was ready for the show. I told him no, not hardly but I know what I’m wearing…. Gonna pull out some Versace, just to be fancy. You know how I do… BTW, my show theme is Black Women & Food.... 2 of my favorite things. On some unrelated notes: - Yesterday, the new hygienist at my dentist office told me that she liked my Jamaican accent. Then she told me that my hair was interesting. I'm from B'ham, AL & grew up in Detroit. I don't have an accent until I go back home to AL... They all think I sound fancy & proper. - An older woman told me that I reminded her of Stevie Wonder. Not sure if it’s the hair or if she things that I make random body movements like Stevie. I'm just lost on the comparison. - I registered for my LAST CLASS at Eastern Michigan University. Graduation is just a few short months away!!! - My kids put up a Christmas tree and it is short of looking like Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree. Since I stopped celebrating Christmas, the tree has been looking like a mess but it makes them happy & that’s the important piece. BTW: Bet there, bitches! Date: 12.10.11 Time: 7pm Location: Woodbridge Pub | 5169 Trumbull, Detroit, MI

2 Responses to “Getting Ready for the Show…”

  1. mofunk Says:

    Good luck with the show Tafari !!

  2. J V L I V S Says:

    I shall be there tomorrow my friend. Glad you got your work displayed.

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