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Done With New York Fashion Week

Author: Tafari, Monday, February 13th, 2012 at 11:19 PM Mindspill

I made it back home safely from New York & survived another Mercedes Benz Fashion Week!!!! I arrived in the city with a twisted ankle (again) & suffered for a few days then everything was all good. This damned ankle of mine. There was no drama in the pits, had no fights & met some new friends. I switched it up a bit this season & had an assistant who was a total life saver. Thank you so much Cousin Dee. I am very proud of the photos that Cousin Dee & I were able to capture at the 28 fashion shows & presentations that we covered. We really put that work in & snapped somewhere around 8,100+ photos. I did some GREAT dining, met up with many of my NYC/DMV/Detroit friends & just had a damn good time. I’m a little exhausted now but still riding on high with how my trip ended. I bumped into Eva Pigford (America’s Next Top Model), Korto Momolu (Project Runway), Kwame Jackson (The Apprentice), Angela Laws (Concrete Loop), Dwight (Housewives of Atlanta), Diane von Furstenburg, Celia aKa Blue Nefertiti (Les Nubians), Harriette Cole (The Today Show) & many more. Hopefully, you were following me on Facebook & Twitter and were able to keep up my adventure. Stay tuned for show reviews, street styles & the wrap up of my New York Analog series. Lots of hot shit on the way. And sadly, this was my last Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. I’ve worked it 4 seasons, got the t-shirt & ready to move on. Everyone that I told this to swears that I’ll be back for more. They just don’t know. My bum ankle needs a rest!!! Photo Credit: Verlisa Allen

4 Responses to “Done With New York Fashion Week”

  1. J V L I V S Says:

    Wow, the adventures of Tafari Howard. I enjoyed every minute of this, man! Keep ’em comin’.

  2. Brian Day Says:

    You are a cool cat, Sir Howard of Detroit. Rock on.

  3. apj Says:

    Dashing! Glad you had a great trip. Looking forward to more views of your images.

  4. Sistaah Says:

    I love the photo! Scarf and suit case wow! Thank you sonmuch for taking me along for the ride. NYC is my heart beat, I’ll be buying ticks today. Not been there in 2 looooong years! *FLUTE, her I come* Tafari, good luck in your new life! MUAH!

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