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I Got My Education

Author: Tafari, Monday, March 26th, 2012 at 9:00 PM Mindspill

I haven’t been thinking much about my photography life. Been so preoccupied with divorce drama, daily life & my graduation, which is 33 days away from today. Just 33 days! I picked up my cap & gown this afternoon & that was an intense experience to be honest. I actually got a little emotional. Doesn't take much of that these days. I walked out of the store with my head high knowing that the hard work is coming to an end yet, starting something new. The new new! Wait, I got to get a graduation “outfit!” After I published this, I thought to myself, how many times did I almost quit. I don't remember but I'm happy that I didn't.

One Response to “I Got My Education”

  1. peacefulgroove Says:

    You are my hero for sure. A week ago I was told that now as a double major I have to declare a minor with my primary major.This wouldn’t be a big deal EXCEPT that means 18-2? more credit hours needed. Which means…I am NOT graduating in December as I thought. I wanted to quit. Then I saw all your post about graduating and i KNEW that with all you had going on…you still pushed through could I.

    I’m so very very proud of you…WEAR that shit PROUD and get a fly ass graduation outfit!!..

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