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So Many Pieces

Author: Tafari, Wednesday, May 16th, 2012 at 9:51 PM Mindspill

Last Saturday, I got to see Amelia dance in her spring recital. She’s been dancing since she’s been a baby & I’m always there to cheer her on. Wait, she’s still a baby, my sweet baby. Watching her on stage was awesome but it wasn’t enough for me watching her from so far away. I wanted to hug her. Kiss her. Hear her heart beat. See her jack-o-lantern smile. Yesterday marks 3 months since I had any change to spend time with my kids since I walked away from the planet that was a destructive force in my life.  It kills me not to be with my kids and I can only wait until this separation is something of the past. Many told me what to expect but I didn't want to hear it. So much for being a dreamer. Over the last few months of this divorce process, I've been trying to make myself whole but most days, my life feels like it’s in so many pieces. At least my heart is.

One Response to “So Many Pieces”

  1. J V L I V S Says:

    Keep your head up, man. I’m glad your daughter’s is doing well in school.

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