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2012 Election Day: The End is Here

Author: Tafari, Tuesday, November 6th, 2012 at 6:08 PM Mindspill

I’ve been waiting on this day to come and go as soon as the campaign season started. Elections are draining! During the 2008 election... I was all in, blogging, working for the Obama campaign, registering voters, working the phone banks and all. By the time Election Day came, I needed a two week nap! This time around, I just watched from the sidelines. I really didn’t have all of that energy & time. I even avoided political news coverage as much as I could but it found its way into my life. I guess there really is no place to hide. This morning, I actually woke up energized and excited. Made it to my polling place and the entire process only took 35 minutes. Got to work & couldn’t concentrate. Maybe it was the excitement… Whatever the case, I later made my way to the Obama's Ypsilanti campaign office and found people still busy working the phone banks, canvassing and even giving rides. Such great energy  & a few people even remembered me from volunteering 4 years ago… Now? Preparing for friends to visit & nervously wait for election results to pour in with fancy snacks end exotic libations. You can see photos from my Election Day here.

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