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Celebrating With Cake

Author: Tafari, Thursday, December 6th, 2012 at 7:21 PM Mindspill

People usually get happy at the thought of eating cake. Why though? Is it because cakes are comforting, decadent, stir great memories or is it simply because people just love CAKE? Last week, a friend informed me that she was retiring at the end of the month. It was both sad but happy news as she will be missed. After she broke the news, I promised that I would make her a cake for our next meeting. Last night, I made her and the rest of our group my super super delicious cream cheese pound cake. But this one had to be a little more special. After the cake was done and I popped it out of the pan & marveled at how awesome it looked.  The morning, I dusted it with some powdered sugar just because… There is nothing like a well dressed cake. I couldn’t wait to see the reaction of my friends upon presentation of the cake. It was all smiles from the room & it made me feel great to see others being excited and celebrating a wonderful person. Speaking of cake, one of my favorite cake rememories is when my mother made a yellow cake covered in apple jelly when I was probably 12 or 13 years old. My brother, sister and I destroyed that cake in less than 2 days. It was the bomb and I honestly think that it’s the best cake that I have ever had.

4 Responses to “Celebrating With Cake”

  1. Jessica Says:

    That’s a beautiful shot! Is it Lensbaby or post processing?

  2. Tafari Says:

    Jessica, thanks for the feedback. I actually captured the image with my iPhone and the Camera+ app which has a really nice DOF feature that I am addicted to.

    I have a Lensbaby but I have used it in some time. Maybe it is time to pull it out for a little fun!

  3. Maya Says:

    Maybe you could share that recipe!

  4. cheryl Says:

    when this popped up in my google reader…i was like…damn! that looks delicious!!!

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