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Sapeurs Getting International Shine

Author: Tafari, Friday, January 24th, 2014 at 5:30 PM
I'm such a fan of all of this right here!!! And KUDOS to Guinness for highlighting these vibrant gentlemen! "They have a simple philosophy: to defy circumstance and live with joie de vivre," explains the narrator in Guinness's "Sapeurs: a Short Documentary." I love it! h/t: Ad Week

3 Responses to “Sapeurs Getting International Shine”

  1. Mary Lawler Says:

    Man….I’m glad you shared that! I enjoyed seeing this. It just goes to show that no matter the circumstance there is no excuse to dress and be a gentleman.

    These young thugs are missing out!

  2. manarchistblak Says:

    In a country where the average income is $4600, annually, AIDS is as common as having dandruff, and there is no cohesive movement seeking to oust all the international corporate forces that are underdeveloping not only the Congo, but the entire continent of Africa, there’s time for dandyism used for over-compensating the feelings of powerlessness.

    Yup, these Sapeurs are true members of the Arican diaspora.

  3. Tafari Says:

    There are ills across the globe yet people can find things that lift them up.

    I fail to see your point.

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