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Many of my post may be filled with typos, ignorant statements, untruths, bad English, & anything else that may make me appear to be uneducated. Please note: all of these things combined make my Blog the perfect one, because you know I have issues & I am not ashamed. With this said; enjoy, fuck mistakes & read between the lines!

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My Hair Tie & Coffee

Author: Tafari, Sunday, August 13th, 2006 at 6:53 PM MindspillRecently one of my online friends (Brunsli) started making hair ties for those with locs or anyone who would be interested in wearing one. She sent me one about 3 weeks ago & I have been addicted ever since I put my 1st one on (The “Toni” in red horn).

After wearing it for a few days, I discovered how much I needed something like this & ordered 2 more “Toni’s” & a “Rita”. This is what I told Brunsli & others on one of my Yahoo groups:

"Dear Brunsli,

I got my "Toni" hair tie today & just tried it. My comment is: This is FUCKING great! Very comfortable, good color (red horn) & very easy to use. I am ready to order a few more! All I suggest you check out Brunsli offerings @ her Blog ("

Since Brunsli made these available she has discovered that the demand was great & she started an eBay store & a Hair Tie Blog dedicated to the exciting hair ties. Actually, I need to mention that Brunsli & her mom work on these together.

One cool thing about the Brunli’s hair ties is that they are named after famous women with locs. When I 1st rwad about the hair ties. I did not make the connection with the naming until Brunsli pointed it out. Comically, I told her that if she had one named Whoopi, I would have gotten it.

The hair ties come in a large variety with something to offer everybody (IMHO). They feature pieces made with bone, horn, jade, shell, & amber (to name a few). The hair ties serve to function to me 1) jewelry & 2) a way to tame the beast aKa your/my hair. The price point range is from 15.00 US to 62.00 US + her low shipping cost.

Brunsli has mentioned one several occasions & posts that she will not continue to make these & may turn the business over to her mother who apparently does this for a hobby. So the bottom line is, get them while they are HOT from her new eBay store. (Quick Update from SFO (San Francisco International Airport): Brunsli let me know via her Crackberry, that her hair tie inventory would be increasing soon!)

You can get more information from the Brunsli Hair Tie Blog.

“I started making hair ties because it has been really hard to find hair accessories as my locks grew. Everything I found was too small or would get caught in my locks. My inner hair toy junkie was not fulfilled." - - Brunsli

Here are some shots of me before & after my hair tie. Mindspill Mindspill Mindspill

(side note: My coffe never looks as good as above!)

Oslo or Detroit?

Author: Tafari, Monday, October 24th, 2005 at 3:49 AM
Last night I attended a Party @ Oslo Sushi Bar & Lounge given by Zana S. owner of Spectacles Detroit. This was my 1st time there & I was majorly impressed with everything from the décor, to the diverse crowd, exotic menu & everything in between. While there I decided to par take in the culinary offerings, & tried some sushi, so I ordered the Philadelphia (salmon & cream cheese) & The Avocado (avocado & wasabi). I really like poached & smoked salmon so I was happy to try the salmon, but then the waiter (Jeremy) told me it was raw after the fact, but it was so good that I did not care, he told me that it would be best if I did not think about it as a first timer. Overall, Jeremy was really cool & makes one hell of a B52 martini.

While on my 2nd martini, I happen to glance over my shoulder & noticed that Amp Fiddler was in the house & was kicking it with Zana. I decided that since I had a slight buzz, that I would introduce myself & join the conversation. Zana did an introduction & the rest was down hill from there! Amp & I actually kicked it for a while talking about music with a specific focus on Detroit artists such as Penny Wells, Conya Doss, Dwele, & Slum Village (whom was in the house with DJ Dez Spinning). It was awesome to discuss this topic with someone how is in the music industry & talk about the frustrations. One interesting topic we discussed was the fact that I was a fan of Ski Oakenfull’s “Rising Sun” album where Amp is doing the vocals on one of my favorite cuts “Hang On”. Amp was totally surprised that I even knew who Ski was & that I had the album, good thing I am well rounded (not referring to my body shape).

After my 4th martini, it was time to dance, the music was hype & so was the crowd! While on the dance floor the music started in the last 70’s to early - mid 90’s by the time I left. I really felt like I was at my 11 grade homecoming dance based on the music (Luke, Poison Clan etc) & oh yeah the weed smoke (I had a major contact buzz). After 3 hours of non stop dancing, I had to bounce, it would be a long drive home back to the country, but before I left I decided to hit Brion up & winded up going to Motor City Casino. After some bullshiting back & forth we got in line to get a corned beef sandwich that we never got after waiting for 40 minutes in 2 different lines. Bottom line we never got anything to eat after a debate over pizza! Brion & I have debated on everything under the sun for over 20 years, he thinks he wins all the time but I know that the real winner (not Brion). I think me & Brion should have a point counter point show.

We parted ways & I hit 94 again & I was thirsty as hell, major cotton mouth. So I got home @ 5ish & by this time my cotton mouth was so bad that it also included crack mouth (ashy lips & crusty corners, YUK!). After a Strawberry Kiwi Mistic, fried chicken, hand full of white cheddar cheez-its & I shower, I crashed, hoping to wake up sometime on Sunday. In the words of Dj Quick “To the man up above, the whole thanks I give I'll never drink again if you just let me live”.

OK this blog entry is not over, it’s time for a Quinten Tarintono moment. So by the time I went to bed I had been up for 21 hours. I started Saturday off @ 8am for my hair appointment with Pam @ Everette’s Corn-Rows, which was from 9-3pm (yes it takes a long time but it is well worth it). After my locks were back to normal I decided to shop for a Dashiki & winded up a African Ceremonial Robe from Ki's & Jul's Fashions Etc. for only 60 bucks which was a total steal considering that they can cost upward of several hundred dollars, ah the power of a good sell. After leaving Ki's & Jul's, I stumbled upon Art on the Ave for the 1st time & I was taken aback by this awesome art gallery. It was not only organized very well, but it totally provided some serious visual stimulation. Art on the Ave has to have one of Detroit’s largest African & African American art or at least it seems.

My little shopping trip on Livernois was actually a good cultural activity for the day & left my SOUL feeling good. After all of this, I had to hurry home so that I could pitch in around the house & get ready for the part at Oslo’s & meet up with Zana of Spectacles of Detroit. I am so tired.

NPR Amp Fiddler Interview (2004)

Lice Sucks

Author: Tafari, Wednesday, August 17th, 2005 at 5:20 AM Mindspill I was debating on posting this because I thought it was too embarrassing, but I guess life happens, why be shamed. When you gots’ kids anything can jump off.

Weeks ago my daughter had an itchy scalp for about a week +, so we got her some Head & Shoulders shampoo from a Dermatologist. For a few days she was fine, and then it started all over again. A week or so later the whole family started itching so we thought it could be anything but never lice. When culprit was revealed we were shocked to discover LICE! We all went to our PCP & was told that the itching was a heat related skin reaction, after our scalps were check and nothing found. We then washed all of the bed linens just in case.

Last week my wife noticed bugs in her hair after washing it & on the towel. She then checked the kids & found the culprit of all the itching drama, it was lice (YUK!) & SURPRISE NIGAAZZZ!!! After the discovery was made she hit the pharmacy to get treatment for the family. Ironically, all of this was going on as I was getting my Brotherlocks tightened so I informed my consultant immediately and she checked my scalp & saw no creepy crawlers then she proceeded to earn her money. When I got home I had my wife check me again & still nothing.

I went online & found the following sites that had a specific reference to lice & African Americans/Blacks whatever:
My wife (Suite Suzy) has wavy-straight hair (mixed/multi-racial), my daughter (Olivia) has very straight-tight curly hair & my little sister (Sade) has nappy hair in 2 strand twist, yet all infected. Although I found no live lice, I gave myself a treatment in case I may have had eggs. Everyone is now itch free, but we still cannot figure or determine where it all started.

Today we did a follow up lice treatment I definitely saw a decrease in the parasites so things are looking good. My story basically dispels the urban legend/myth that Black peeples don’t get no lice. Black Americans get 1% of all annual lice cases. Brazilian & African Blacks are far more likely to get lice infections (I forgot where I read this). Just wanted to share this experience & information.