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Many of my post may be filled with typos, ignorant statements, untruths, bad English, & anything else that may make me appear to be uneducated. Please note: all of these things combined make my Blog the perfect one, because you know I have issues & I am not ashamed. With this said; enjoy, fuck mistakes & read between the lines!

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Freeway Moment: Stranger In This Land

Author: Tafari, Sunday, May 13th, 2007 at 5:28 AM Mindspill If you listen to NPR ½ as much as I do then I know you know what a Driveway Moment is. If you are not in the know; a driveway moment is when you're driving home or elsewhere, listening to a story on NPR. Suddenly, you find yourself in your driveway (or parking space or parking garage). Rather than turn the radio off, you stay in your car to hear the piece to the end.

Over the years I have had several Driveway Moments & quite often Suite Suzy will peek into the garage to see if I am OK because my moments can get long.

So anyway, I was vending Quench Essentials today @ a Mother’s Day Brunch & Pamper Party in Detroit & while on the way there I had a Freeway Moment.

I am describing a Freeway Moment to be a point during drive time when you are engrossed in thought & taken over by the music & it causes you to take a serious look at life in general & your being. (Damn I hope this makes since.)

During this my first recorded Freeway Moment I was exiting the Southfield Freeway @ 8 Mile when traffic basically came to a crawl as I was listening to Joy Denalane’s “Stranger In This Land”.

I have heard this song countless times but this time was a little different because the words were took me to another place & I started seeing her story of the African Diaspora as if I was watching something on the big screen.

The first verse of the song/story is what stood out most to me & I actually played the song back to back so that I could “watch the story again” in my mind. This first verse actually reads in the spirit in an Enslaved African narrative, which can sometimes can provoke tears.

I was the daughter of a little known king
When they came and put me in a castle
My eyes had never seen
They spoke in tongues I’ve never heard
They took me to the sea at the edge of the earth
I journyed tempest waters, reached these distant shores
My clothes are tattered and my soul is worn
I bore a daughter in captivity
They came late one night to take her away from me
I cried and I cried, oh lord have mercy on me
Can’t they see, that little girl is royalty

I held my ground and took my stand
Can’t help feeling sometimes
That I’m a stranger in this land
In this land of mine

Stranger In This Land – Joy Denalane

During & after the song, I also considered the strength of my OUR people & felt proud to be a descendant of Kings & Queens. Let’s face it; the princess that Joy sings about can be anyone of out great-great-great-greats (depending on how old yo’ ass is).

Moving on, this pamper party that I worked at was pretty decent & I made some mad money that I will be reinvesting to prepare for the Detroit Buy Black Weekend in a few weeks. This is a major event & I’m looking forward to it & hopefully getting PAID for my wonderful wares.

When I got to the event location, I was hungry as hell & the smell of fried chicken was thick in the air & made my hunger even worse cuz, I knew it would be a while before I could get my eat on.

Shortly after I got my table set up, the event organizer sent me a plate of 4 wings & two huge waffles. When I saw the waffles, I laughed at myself inside because this would be my 1st time having chicken & waffles.

Before for I started to eat & went to get some syrup for the waffles & they lucking had my favorite on hand (Mrs Butterworth). So now I am pouring the syrup over my waffles & happed to notice that there was a big ass bottle of Alaga on the table & I burst out laughing. Mindspill Mindspill

The event organizer as me what was funny & since she was on the “urban side” I told her that I was laughing at the Alaga syrup, then she started to laugh & said she got it for the old school crowd. The funny thing is that we both got it.

As I was walking back to my table ready to throw down, I was like shit, I have not had any Alaga since the mid to late 80’s when Topot (my little bother & this is his nick name) & I took a stand against our mother at the grocery store & told her that we wanted Mrs Buttersworth. She gave in & we never had Alaga in the house again.

To wrap, today was a day of first 1) my Freeway Moment & 2) the chicken & waffles, which was off the hook. In the words of the “poet” Ice Cube “I got to say it was a good day; shit!”
Chicken & Waffles History:

The exact origins of the dish are unknown. A restaurant named the Wells Supper Club in Harlem claims to be the birthplace of chicken and waffles; their official slogan is "Wells: Home of Chicken and Waffles Since 1938." Supposedly, the Wells Supper Club started selling the chicken and waffles dish to patrons of their club in 1938, which was during the Jazz Age; the dish served as a late-night snack for those patrons who wanted a meal that would serve as both dinner for that night and breakfast for the next day.

Some historians, however, believe the dish goes back even further - perhaps even as far back as the late 19th century, when Southern African-Americans, recently freed from slavery, began migrating to the Northern United States. According to author John T. Edge: "My guess is that it comes from the days when someone would go out in the morning and wring a chicken's neck and fry it for breakfast. Preparing a breakfast bread with whatever meat you have on the hoof, so to speak, comes out of the rural tradition."

From Harlem, chicken and waffles was brought across the country to Los Angeles by Herb Hudson, who founded Roscoe's House of Chicken 'n Waffles in the mid 1970s. It's believed, although unprovable, that Hudson and his friend Roscoe (whose full name is unknown) had moved to Southern California from New York to open their restaurant in Hollywood. (Source | Wikipedia)

Still Need a Gift???

Author: Tafari, Tuesday, May 8th, 2007 at 7:46 PM MindspillExpressing your affection on Mother's Day for the special woman who nourishes your family with love can be done in many ways. We suggest that you start with a wonderful moisturizing skin product from Quench Essentials.

Our Body Mousses and Elbows Knees & Toes are that unique gift idea that keeps on giving.

:::Save 15% for Mother's Day:::

To help you show appreciation to the special mother in your life, we would like to extend a 15% offer off any $15.00 or more purchase from our online store.

Please use coupon code momslove07.

Did You know Mindspill Contrary to popular belief, Mother's Day was not conceived and fine-tuned in the boardroom of Hallmark. The earliest tributes to mothers date back to the annual spring festival the Greeks dedicated to Rhea, the mother of many deities, and to the offerings ancient Romans made to their Great Mother of Gods, Cybele. Christians celebrated this festival on the fourth Sunday in Lent in honor of Mary, mother of Christ. In England this holiday was expanded to include all mothers and was called Mothering Sunday.

In the United States, Mother's Day started nearly 150 years ago, when Anna Jarvis, an Appalachian homemaker, organized a day to raise awareness of poor health conditions in her community, a cause she believed would be best advocated by mothers. She called it "Mother's Work Day." In 1914 Anna's hard work paid off when Woodrow Wilson signed a bill recognizing Mother's Day as a national holiday.

People in different countries celebrate Mother's Day on different days of the year because the day has a number of ... (read more here)

AB & The Souljourners Next Week

Author: Tafari, Saturday, April 28th, 2007 at 11:00 PM Mindspill

If you are in Detroit or the surrounding area, this is a must attend event. Quench Essentials is a party sponsor & I have tickets available for only 10 dollars!!!!

If you are not up on AB & The Souljourners, I highly suggest that you check them out; this is some hot shit. Wait:::: you can get an AB & The Souljourners taste on my Nappy Head Initial Mix podcast mix here.

Peace & hope to see you out.


About Last Night IX

Author: Tafari, Sunday, April 8th, 2007 at 5:17 AM
A few weeks ago I purchased a few tickets for Urban Organic’s Eric Roberson concert, which was this past Thursday. I was pretty excited to see ErRo because I missed every show he did last year for one reason or another. So the timing of this event was perfect because his new album …Left was just released & I am digging it big time. His sound is consistent & his music tells you great stories of love, life & misery etc with passion. This concert would serve a “Keeping the romance alive” date for Suite Suzy & I (finally time together & no kids!!!). Anyway, I had the date all planned to start at the Centaur Bar for drinks & then dinner @ Twingo's (what a perfect agenda, drinks, dinner & good music all we need is a little lovin' afterward to really make it off the hook (TMI I know, but hey, I'm on a roll)). Well, it’s now the day of the concert & I cut out of work a little early to iron my “outfit” & to do a quick spot check aKa a hoe bath. As we was preparing to leave, I got a call from my girl who asked me if I wanted to vend at the concert & you no I said hell yeah. Basically this turned the date to work but it was all good. It’s now 730 & I am wrapping up my last French 75 (my Martini of the moment) while Suite Suzy is polishing off her Pear Martini & it’s time to get some din-din. Twenty minutes later we arrive @ Twingo's, were we enjoyed a deliciously intimate dinner. If you are in Detroit or nearby, you gotta hit this spot up. Twingo's has great service, an excellent variety of fare & the décor is very Urban Euro Chic (this is my description). Now it’s after dinner & we are headed downtown for the event. Upon arriving at Plan B (the venue), We bumped into 2 of Detroit's finest performers & friends of mine; Tanesha C. aKa ButterSoul Fly & Penny Wells, who greeted my with a very energetic BYGBABYYYYYY!!! Once we made it inside, we quickly got set up & waited for the party/concert to jump off. Sad to say but this event was running on CPT (colored peoples time) like nobody’s business & by the time ErRo went on stage, it was 12 o’muthafuckin’ clock, which means that we did not get home until like after 1am. OK tell me why the tickets say that things start @ 9??? The drive home was rough as I struggled to stay awake but we made it safely & the next day @ work I was just dragging. Over all the music was great, the crowd was chill & we made some Quench ducketts. Below are a few snapshots from outing. The boo-boo shot was taken in the bathroom @ Twingo's. When I walked in & saw that, I was like hell nall & I quickly ran back to the table to get my camera. On the 2nd shot, you can get a good look at my recently fired locks.
On another hair note; if you were wondering how I got that wavy lock look; well my secret is a braid out. In these pictures it was 2 days old. When I do a braid out, it usually last for a good 3 days before I redo it. To achieve my look; I dampen my hair then massage in a little Khoret Amen Hair Oil in & plat like 8-10 braids & rubber band them at then ends. I then let my hair air dry over night or sit under the dryer (yes I do have a hooded dryer! Is you got anthang to say bout' dat?) for about an 1½ hours (it just depends on how I am feeling). My New highlights were done by boosting a hand full of locks then I did a Black Cherry Sebastian Colourshine to get my red hot highlights.

An Open Invitation

Author: Tafari, Thursday, March 29th, 2007 at 6:09 PM Mindspill

If you are a Detroit local & interested in attending this fun little gathering, hit me up @ the number above & I will give you the specifics.

We will have Quench available for sale in addition to Down Home Candles, Scented Africa Oils & other unique personal & gift items.


Quench Essentials: What They Are Saying

Author: Tafari, Saturday, March 24th, 2007 at 3:13 AM Mindspill As you know (or should know) I am the proud founder of Quench Essentials & our webstore launched just last month (you heard it here 1st). So I just want to do another shameless plug & update.

Since the launch of our webstore; traffic to our site has been wild & sales have been steady (I am happy & blessed to say). Many of my blogging buddies have given my awesome feedback that shows me that all of the hard work done by Suite Suzy, Cousin Dee & TB Emily is so worth it!

Hear is what some of my favorite Bloggers had to say:

Afrobella ~ One of my afrofellas, Bygbaby came to the rescue. He’s just come out with a line of products called Quench Essentials. If you’re like me and you love supporting small businesses by good people, you should check it out!

I was lucky enough to sample the MinTea Spa Soak, but at first I was worried. We now live in a home that doesn’t have a bath tub, so I haven’t been able to enjoy bath salts or bubble baths at all this year…

MinTea smells exactly as you’d imagine it would — minty fresh and good. I like it, and for $7 you get enough for several uses. I followed up my foot soak with a little scrubbing (the HoMedics bubbler comes with a little foot-shaped exfoliating brush, loofah, and sponge set. Very cute!), and then I really spoiled my aching dogs with Quench Essentials Elbows, Knees & Toes.

It’s a thick, buttery blend of shea, cocoa butter, and coconut oil. The Sweet Butter scent is light, soothing, and very pleasant…

Cluziel ~ I got my order of Quench Essentials from BygBaby (aka. Tafari) and I am in love! Since I am a NYC girl I usually swear by my pure shea butter that I buy in Harlem...but I really love the light feel of the body moose. I am not a huge fragrance person so I have the "naked" Body Moose...and I use it everyday now...

Daez ~ I'm considered an excellent Mixtress and toiletry maker...I normally don't bother using OPP (other people's products) because...well frankly, I can make anything THEY can make myself (LOL)!!... However, I have a vested interest in Quench Essentials because one of my favorite people Tafari, better and aka known as Bygbaby is the owner and creator of these products...I was curious about all of his products, but the mousse fragranced with "Bamboo" sounded extra yummy, so that's the one I decided to check out...

I knew Tafari was gonna have a good product...but I was doubly pleased because it's sooo rich and creamy and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fragrance!!!

Creyole ~ Brother Locked Bygbaby introduced his new online store and since I'm always in the market for new body moisturizers. I ordered the "Naked" & "Earth" Body Mousse. As soon as I received it in the mail, which by the way was received two days after ordering. I popped open the bottle and used both of them right after showering. I love the natural feel of the mousse and I especially like the Earth.. For some strange reason, I thought Naked would be some kind of aphrodisiac aroma but I guess I was over thinking the product (Christians can have fun too!). But instead, it's exactly what it says... "Naked" meaning it does not interfere with your daily fragrances but still feels great on your skin.

Lyrically Speaking ~ I received the body mousse "sweet butter" and "naked" today. I tried the sweet butter which melts sweetly on my skin, it's not dry and the scent is incredibly soothing.
Thanks to all of you showing love & support to my business, that gives you the best of what nature has to offer. If you have not ordered; what the hell are you waiting for? Take advantage of this 10% off discount.

The coupon code is mindspill93QE, which is good through April 20th.


Quench Essentials Web Store Announcement

Author: Tafari, Wednesday, March 7th, 2007 at 4:59 AM Mindspill With the frigid weather upon us, who wants to leave the warmth of the indoors? Quench Essentials invites you to shop from the comfort of home or office at our new online store. Browse the aisles of all of our body products sure to keep your skin moisturized during these harsh winter months.

Quench Essentials gives you the best of what nature has, to keep your skin moisturized and healthy. We feature high quality butters, oils and vitalizing Dead Sea Salts.

As a Mindspill reader, I would like to hook you up with a 25% discount on your first order. Feel free to pass along this offer to friends!!!

Visit my store @
Coupon code: mindspill93QE

This offer is good through 03/06/07.


My Poor Dogs

Author: Tafari, Friday, February 2nd, 2007 at 2:00 AM
So Wednesday (1/31/07), I went to another post-op appointment to get my staples & cast removed. After 2 quick weeks I was growing very tired & irritated of being locked into the cast with an itchy leg & the staples were really bothering me, so my appointment to be freed was not coming soon enough.

Since the cast was coming off, I planned on getting a foot massage or a pedicure to pamper myself. I kept on bragging about this to Suite Suzy who offered to massage my feet but I told her this time I needed the real thing.

Before I left for the appointment I packed my left shoe & sock because I just knew I was walking up out of that bitch; little did I know.

Now I am in the office getting my freed from my red boot & getting excited. 4 minutes later, the cast is off, the staples are out & I am cleaning myself up. Moments later I pull out my sock & shoe then the tech looks at me & was like, what are you going with those? You will not need a shoe for at least a month.

Now that my heart sunk into my stomach, I asked what was next then the Dr walked in. He informed me that I would be in a air cast for 3-4 weeks.

My plan for a pedicure… was out & after getting a good look at my surgical wound a massage was definitely out. I was bummed out but at least I do not have to use those damn crutches, which allows me to now get a round only slightly better. The simplest task takes so much energy now, so I tell you that being fat & having ½ legs is not a good combo.

I called Suite Suzy after my appointment & air cast fitting to let her know the news about my leg & that I would be off work for another 3-4 weeks then I begged for a foot massage. After teasing, she finally agreed to hook me up.

It’s now 11pm, the house is quiet, the kids are asleep & Suite Suzy is preparing my footbath. I sink my right foot into the foamy steaming water & it was almost like having an orgasm, it felt sooooooo damn good. Then I sunk my left foot in carefully mindful of my wound, then I let it plunge into the water (now I am having a double orgasm!).

After my wonderful Mintea foot soak, Suite Suzy massaged my feet with some Quench Essentials Elbows, Knees & Toes cream. I felt like a king after she was all done with my pampered dogs (cheap plug). I am lucky to have such a supportive wife!

To all of my Blogosphere family, I truly appreciate your well wishes & checking in on me over the past few weeks. You have been keeping my brain from turning into jello!!! Mindspill Mindspill Mindspill

1st Couple of Weeks: The Recap

Author: Tafari, Sunday, January 14th, 2007 at 5:35 AM Mindspill

So far 2007 has been a mixed bag of the good and not so good but overall I cannot not complain will not complain. There have been so many things going on with my life, I thought I would share a few highlights of note.

Week One: Jan|01|07

  • I found a Cooper's Hawk trapped in my screened in gazebo, which totally freaked me out. Things got really interested when I called 911 & they referred me to the raptor center for my area who basically told me good luck. I eventually got the hawk out by leaving the door open. Check out the picture & look at those claws. Now I have to deal with paying for a new screen as the hole is to big to patch without looking ghetto.

  • The Mindspill blog paid off in the tune of $210 US buckeroos! Someone found my blog in Dec & dup the vibe & asked me to write a piece with a positive spin on the state of the Black male in America. This was pretty easy seeing that I was starting one anyway. The challenge was to do it in 500 – 700 words.

    When I go started, I realized that this was deeper that up to 700 words so I took the liberty to go up to 900. Even my little addition was limiting. My story focused on a common sense approach to 3 social issues affecting my Brothers out there: imprisonment, STD’s & education. I am waiting to release it hear until I see what they do. Stay tuned.

    As you can obviously see (read my Ghetto Disclaimer), I am not writer & really do not get into the fine details of typos, grammar etc so I had to have my piece proof read like 2 times before I sent it off. Thx Suite Suzy!!!

  • My baby Sade started menstruating & I am tripping off of this. She is only 9 but her & Suite Suzy have it on lock down after they had their little talk. When Suite Suzy told her that she will be dealing with this for about 40 more years Sade tripped out & said all shit (basically LOL). As a father I ma having a hard time with this as most fathers do not want to see their little girls grow & mature to something little boys want to but their nasty little hands on.

  • Every year I get rid of someone in my life who I feel hold me back or has a negative force that gets in the way of my progress/growth. This year I had to get rid of a friend (former) who had been in my life for 14 years. The day when I decided to do this it took me a while to accept it & just when I did, I removed her from my phone, address book…. After I did all this, why did she call me asking for advice & was really desperate for help. So like the true ass hole that I am, I was really shity to her then told her that I could not advise her & to call someone else.

    I never tell the person that I am eliminating that I am doing so, so I guess that makes me somewhat of a coward but I try not to hurt too many feeling if possible.

  • I made the decision to change my name as you may have read. While I am off on my medical leave, I will be completing & submitting my application for change to my local court etc…

  • I have this little phone rule that goes into effect every Saturday when I refuse to talk to anyone on the phone before 12 noon unless there is someone in jail, in the emergency room or dead. If the caller is not calling with anything in my criteria, I hang the fuck up. So unfortunately I got a call last Saturday that did fit & it fucked me up!

    - The Time: 9am
    - The caller: One of my other mothers Ms Muhammad
    - The circumstance: Death of her oldest daughter Shemei Muhammad

    Shemei transitioned from this life to a better one Dec|27|06 at the age of 33. She died suddenly from a blood clot that traveled from her leg to her heart. It happened at home & she died lovingly in her fathers arms as they waited on an ambulance. Ms Muhammad said that everything happened really fast & of course unexpectedly.

    Shemei had a Muslim funeral & was buried in a Muslim cemetery Jan|02|07. I was really saddened to know that I was not there for the Muhammad’s but they could not find my number & were so bombarded by all of the planning & grief.

    I will miss Shemei greatly & hope that she is smiling down upon me as I type this message with her forever etched into my heart as a dear true friend.

  • My girl Zana of Spectacles hosted House DJ Jeff Mills at 5th Ave Detroit & she invited me to be a vendor (Quench Essentials). Because I love to support my friends I agreed thinking that I would not sale much because of the crowd. Boy was I wrong! I did really well & got a few drinks in the process. It was a great night & Jeff Mills turned that shit out!

Week Two: Jan|08|07

  • I enrolled into a Math Analysis class so that I can move on the path of obtaining my degree. As mentioned here before I am a math dummy making my way through barely but not giving up (too much). With my pending surgery & math anxieties, I am not sure how things are going to play out. I think I will have to call the decision to continue with the class late next week. It has been a week since classes started & I still have not got off my ass to get a book so that goes to show you how motivated I am.

  • My manager @ work approached me & told me that she was concerned about me getting my name change & that she wanted to discuss it with me. Well here concerns all spun from her hearing stories on about résumé/applicant discrimination based on names (check out this story). After her information discovery, she thought to herself that being Tafari would stop my from my professional/job growth & she did not want that to happen. My manager is on of my biggest cheerleaders so I was not offended at all by her concern & was actually happy that she opened up the dialogue.

    I informed her that I was fully aware that I may be bypassed because I have an ethnic name but that was not going to stop me from being & doing Tafari. I also said; If I were to remain Brian & possibly get the call for a job I am still in danger after they look at my skin, hair & strong African features. Furthermore, If I am being bypassed for these superficial reasons I will not know unless someone tells me & that would probably not happen to as I am sure no company wants to face a discrimination case.

    Lastly, I to her that I am self determined & that I make my own ways when & if doors are closed in my face. I am not the type of person to sit by & wait for someone to decide if they can deal with me or not. Then I ended with the fact that Kujichagulia is a principle that is a guiding light to my success. After all that was said, she was like well I guess you put all of the thought into this decision & know what’s really going on. Then she said well Tafari I need the budget report by 5.

    Kujichagulia (Self-Determination)
    To define ourselves, name ourselves, create for ourselves and speak for ourselves.

  • I had my pre-op appointment with my surgeon & learned that I will be out of work for 2-3 weeks & after I am clear to go back to work, I will have to do physical therapy for like 6 fucking weeks. This is going to be a lot of damn $15 co-pays. I am not sure how this is going to factor into my class.

  • My pre-surgery party @ the Centaur Bar was a blast & my really good friends showed up then. I am happy & blessed to have a strong network of friends both online & offline that are supportive and positive. I bought all of the drinks and food until happy hour ended (my little surprise). By the time all was said & done, I was $280 mo’ broke but it was worth it. Everyone joked that if they knew I was paying then they would have really ordered what they wanted. I paid for like 3 Martinis & appetizers. Thank God the martinis were only 5 bucks.

    After sampling so many Martinis myself, I have a new favorite one next to the pomegranate & it is the French 75, which has champagne, gin, sugar & chambord.

    French 75 History:
    Named after the French 75-millimeter guns, this champagne cocktail was created during the first World War by American army officers. The original recipe called for gin, absinthe (now illegal in the United States) and calvados. Calvados is an apple brandy made in France. It is produced from an apple cider and aged in oak barrels for several years. The drink is often served in a small glass during the long meal to re-enhance the appetite.

  • I read a comment that I made one of of Blog haunts (Asabagna), that really impressed me. Some of the crap I write is out there and retarded but I was like wow I said that. What did I say?, well here goes:
    “"Although I am Christian, I have a love hate relationship with the religion as a proud descendant of Africans, related to the slave trade & how Christianity was used against our people. I will admit that my feeling on this developed over the last 2-3 years as I am coming out of a white oriented matrix.”
    I encourage you to read Asabagna's spiritual journey from the past, present & future. It is deep & I am sure many of you can & will relate.

    Thx Asabagna!!!

  • My Friend Lé AfriKan finally got some shea butter in for me after a 3 week wait since his return from Ghana. I love Lé AfriKan but I hate having to depend on others for my success for things I cannot control. This goes for all aspects of my life.

  • My girl Zana of Spectacles hosted her last party @ 5th Ave Detroit for DJ Dez of Slum Village & she invited me to again be a vendor (Quench Essentials). Here again I was not expecting to sale much because of the crowd & again I was proven wrong. Cousin Dee was able to assist me this night & I am happy she was there because it was out of control at some points but we made that shit happed.

    Zana party was very nice & some of my favorite Detroit acts performed, namely Amp Fiddler & Sum Village. I was also happy to have run into Kenny Dixon aKa Moodymann. Oh wait I forgot to mention that I ran into my best friend from middle school Eugene. It was fun doing a mini catch up with him & also seeing him doing well. Then ironically I ran into a friend from high school & we caught us as well. I mean Detroit is a big city but sometimes it seems so fucking small…

  • This week ended on a good note with Suite Suzy & I going on a date alone with no damn kids! We set our appetites for Étouffée & I was really looking forward to a few of the Willie's punch cocktails, I mean I almost tasted them as I imagined having one. So on the way I decided to call to see if there was a wait or if we needed a reservation but I got a message saying that the line was disconnected so & was thinking maybe I had in wrong in my PDA.

    So 20 minutes later we arrive at the restaurant to find it closed & boarded up. We were so majorly let down; it seems like any good restaurant in Detroit or surrounding cannot stay open. Étouffée was a really nice spot that had excellent southern fair. The décor was impeccable & the staff were very welcoming & the best thing about the spot was the strict dress code (IMHO, keep out the riff raff). Mindspill Mindspill

Thx for listening & I hope that I did not burn your ear up.
Warmest regards my friends,
Bygbaby aKa Tafari

Shameless Plug: Quench Essentials

Author: Tafari, Wednesday, October 25th, 2006 at 5:05 AM MindspillIf you are looking for ways to protect your skin and from the winter blahs, you need to get yourself some Quench Essentials to "Quench Your Body's Thirst".

Quench Essentials is my latest business venture and offers natural moisturizers for your body. QE has wonderful Shea Butter based Body Mousse, which is available in four fragrances in addition to one unscented.

Our Body Mousse contains Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Jojoba Oil & various Essential Oils for the crowning heavenly touch.

We also have:

  • A decadent Sugar Scrub
  • Moisturizing Soaps
  • Dead Sea Bath Salts
  • A timeless Spa Soak w/peppermint & tea tree
  • Finally a heavy elbow, knee & foot cream (yes for those hard to please areas)

OK, enough of my ranting; to get more information & ordering check us out online @ (online store not officially running; hit me up if you wanna...)

If you are interested in joining our mailing list, please sign up on the QE site. By joining "THE LIST", you will be entitled to product updates, exciting news & special offers that only our "FRIENDS" can receive.