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Author: Tafari, Thursday, December 27th, 2007 at 4:15 PM

I was over on the Ensayn blog BUY Bayer ASA Aspirin ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, this AM & he had a mini post on 80's sensation, Billy Ocean. When I saw Billy's picture posted, Bayer ASA Aspirin from canadian pharmacy, Buy Bayer ASA Aspirin without a prescription, I immediately thought about my baby brother & I jamming to his songs when were we kids. One of our favorite songs was "Loverboy" & I remember how we would go crazy when the video came on "Friday Night Videos" way back when.

My other Billy Ocean jam was "Love Zone", kjøpe Bayer ASA Aspirin på nett, köpa Bayer ASA Aspirin online. Order Bayer ASA Aspirin online c.o.d, I remember thinking back then that I would play "Love Zone" when I had sex for the first time way back when. Like a lot of things that I wanted to happen, order Bayer ASA Aspirin from United States pharmacy, Rx free Bayer ASA Aspirin, "Love Zone", never jumped off that one fucked up night, where can i buy Bayer ASA Aspirin online. Order Bayer ASA Aspirin from mexican pharmacy, The night I became a man is actually one of my worse memories from the 90's. The chick, Bayer ASA Aspirin price, coupon, Bayer ASA Aspirin for sale, looking back was a barracuda, who only used me for nothing more than hot dick & nuts.

It is a good thing that Youtube exists because I just had a vicious bittersweet childhood "rememory."

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Late Night Buzzed Thought

Author: Tafari, Tuesday, October 9th, 2007 at 3:58 AM

As I sit here sipping on my 2nd glass of wine talking shit with Suite Suzy, a thought popped into my buzz filled head.

If Juanita Bynum is a profitess prophetess, then why come she didn't know she was going to get her ass beat by her boo.

Anyway, I bet Thomas Weeks feels like getting him some of that holy pussy now with his two faced dick!

@ The Movies: Superbad

Author: Tafari, Sunday, September 9th, 2007 at 6:01 AM MindspillI wanted to see this release since it came out a few weeks ago but the stars never aligned. Well last night, my life slowed down a bit & I was able to hit up Superbad & boy was it super!!!

The evening started with Suite Suzy & I doing quick but late dinner @ Chili’s before the 12:05am show. Yes a midnight show, I love late movies. What made this cool especially is we were able to get rid of the girls for the night.

Anyway, I will not say much about "Superbad" cuz I am tired as hell now but I will tell you to go see it. That shit was funny as hell!!! Suite Suzy & I could not stop laughing cuz some of the scenarios were just over the top hilarious.

This movie is not something to see if you want to be intellectually stimulated so… If you are in the mood for some really raunchy talk like dick, pussy, fuck, other shit like period blood dripping while dancing or an excessive dick pictures then this is for you.

This movie will be in my DVD collection as soon as it drops.

As we were leaving the theater, we both said, the kids could never see this under any circumstances. If you saw the “40 Year Virgin” (another favorite of mine) , you could kinda consider this as some type of loose prequel.

Did you see Superbad, if so what did you think??? If you could apply this movie to your life in anyway, which of the characters were you. I saw myself as McLovin! The nerd that got the good breaks.
Advertised Synopsis:

Two high school best friends forever (Jonah Hill, Michael Cera) go on a mission to provide alcohol for a graduation party in hopes of losing their virginity.

After facing the fact that both Seth and Evan will both be going to different colleges next year, it seems more imporant than ever that they go to a high school party, and achieve some of their long time goals; including, but not limited to, losing thier virginity with the girl of their dreams by getting them wasted and being their "regret hookup." Their awkard friend Fogell gets a fake ID, with just the name McLovin [it was either that or Mohammid], and agrees to get liquor to bring to Jules' aka Seths dream girl's graduation party. All seems to be going well until McLovin is suckerpunched in the liquor store by a robber. When the police come, they try to get a story out of the clerk, but she is too worried about her exam tomorrow, so their question McLovin, which they give offer to give a ride home.

Superbad has taken in 92,687,150+ since its release

Check out the trailer here

Jaunita Bynum’s New Man

Author: Tafari, Friday, August 31st, 2007 at 5:33 AM

I talked to my mom today & she was all up in arms about Jaunita Bynum getting her ass beat by her man recently. Of course I was with her on how fucked up the whole thing was/is but then she got all religious during the conversation & almost started "speaking in tounges" and shit.

At this point, I was ready to hang up because I was not about to listen to all that shit. So to throw my mom off I told her Jaunita's man beat her ass because he caught her in lesbian affair & could not take it. Mom was like oh hell nall, WTF. Yeah she went from speaking in tounges to cussing all while smoking on the same cigarette. Mom later went on to tell me that Jaunita's man admitted on some show somewhere that he was sexually molested by his uncle as a child & since then has been struggling with wanting hot dick & nuts while under the spell of Jaunita's evangelistic holier than thou pussy power.

Well, I guess after Jaunita's man goes to prison; the struggle over wanting hot dick & nuts will end as he will be in the land of plenty.

So tonight I was doing some ghetto research on Jaunita & found out that she already has a new man. You will not believe who she is fucking with now... Well according to TGNN (The Ghetto News Network), Jaunita is fucking with "The Spirit of Truth".

I am not sure if you are up on "The Spirit of Truth" but this Nigga is out of his mutha fuckin' mind. Check this:

I think "The Spirit of Truth" should hook up with my girl Alexyss Tylor & do a show. That shit would be so off the hook!!!

Anyway, I'm outta of the piece headed to Toronto for the long holiday weekend with the family so have a safe weekend yourself.

OK, wait, I am almost done talking shit but before I go I just wanna issue a fashion reminder. Remember not to wear white after Monday because if you do, I’m personally going to fuck you up. Fashion has not changed & white is not a year round color option (Icy White Air Force Ones are the one exception to this rule). Lastly, I wanna know who went out & got an outfit for Labor day to be sharp at the BBQ.


Why You Wanna Make Me Go There V: Hot Dick & Nuts

Author: Tafari, Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007 at 1:36 AM Mindspill I just love Alexyss Tylor & the way she breaks down the truth & strange fiction on her show. I find myself injecting tidbits of pussy power & hot dick & nuts in many conversations that I have just to trip people out & it usually sparks some wild conversation.

So this post is inspired by news that I got today from a friend of mine who admitted to me that she gave into hot dick and nuts in her office during work hours.

I was so shocked by this admission that I was almost numb. 1st never fuck n the job & especially during business hours. 2nd never fuck someone who is married no matter what state their marriage is in. And 3rd, never fuck anyone without a condom a) cuz you should not be producing babies with a jump off, b) cuz if you are fucking in the office what are you going to do with all that jizz & c) do you want a fucking disease!

If you are the person that I am talking about (you know who are boo), I know I said that I would tell no one & honestly I have not. I eliminated names & the more intense details of you having your pussy power fail.

Are you ready for some hot dick & nuts, well I got the goods (by way of links).

If you think a dirty dick is a good & safe dick, click here to validate your feelings click here.

Fellas, if you have been living with an average sized dick & wish you could confront it to demand more, this may be something you can do.

Those who say that size does not matter either has a average to small dick or is with someone who is lacking. This video says it all.

I have no shame in admitting that a former girlfriend burned me in my late teens & use the story when I talk young men in terms of safe sex. With this said, this story takes getting burned to a whole new level.

If you have 512.50 US cash burning a hole in your pocket, click here to spend it on something worth while (a little off topic).

Why You Wanna Make Me Go There III

Author: Tafari, Wednesday, July 18th, 2007 at 3:05 AM

I swear to you that I am not trying to reinvent the when posting links to interesting topics like so many blogs do. Over the last few weeks, I have find it quite fun to do a weird lead in to a story that made me think, laugh or trip the hell out. I have also enjoyed your comments & often found myself laughing hysterically in my office making people near by wonder what the fuck is so damn funny.

So anyway…

If you like BBQ but are tuned off by sexual deviants then click here. (thx for the link Suite Suzy)

If you think that Black pussy can be mastered by good or bad Black dick then click here. (warning if you are afraid of terms such as dick or pussy or all up in that ass, do not click!!!)

If you ever wished all lawyers could get their ass beat for one reason or another then click here to read about an ass beating with a fucked up twist that went way wrong.

If you visit my blog via a highspeed internet & think Negroes who dial up need to stay out of TJ Max, the Korean beauty supply & the local Applebees so that they can upgrade their internet service then click here.

If you saw the Black Love proposal a little over a week ago linked here & love the visual tale then click here for the real deal. (if you mnissed it, the slideshow will be back up soon. It was taken down because it got over like 1 million hits & the webhost could not handle the traffic.)

Make it Clap

Author: Tafari, Monday, June 11th, 2007 at 4:10 AM
If all women could make it pop, clap & shake like Buffie the Body, the world would be a much better place.
Misogyninally yours,

Talkin’ Bout Dick, Nuts & Pussy

Author: Tafari, Thursday, May 24th, 2007 at 5:04 PM

I saw this shit on Crunk & Disorderly today & cracked the fuck up. I wish this show came on in my city because I would watch every damn episode.

This bitch woman of distinction is straight up going off on them educated hoes.

Have you ever heard of Alexyss Tylor? I am digging the southern accent & aviator hat.

Alexyss, you got it going on boo!

Ladies on this 2nd clip Alexyss talks about the powerful dick. Is what she is saying true? Have you ever had to slap anyone in the face because you got set off that right?

You can see more of Alexyss' videos on You Tube here. BTW, if you are fucking off @ work reading my blog, but on yo' headphones or close your office door.

Sex, Disease & Negroes (Repost)

Author: Tafari, Wednesday, May 23rd, 2007 at 3:56 PM

One of my favorite blogs (Sugar & Spice) has done a few posts recently on dating & STD's (I'm happy that I am married & not out there).

The posts/perspectives are great but even better is the dialogue that has followed. My repost of "Sex, Disease & Negroes" & the discussion going on @ Sugar & Spice collectively is reason enough to masturbate to keep your ass out of the free clinic & doped up on Valtrex, Penicillin, Protease Inhibitors & anything else.

If you listen to News & Notes on NPR, you no doubt have heard the great discussions over the last month dealing with sex & sexuality in the Black community. If you have not, check out this link to a few of the sex topics Suite Suzy & I have listened to a few together & they are eye opening, straight up & on point. The story I like most was on the Sex Industry & how Blacks factor (or) not in it.

Lastly, have you had an STD or have one that is a lifetime commitment? I will go will go 1st, I had Chlamydia in my late teens & got it from my girlfirend at the time. I actually had it for so long that when I fond out that I had it, the dr told me that I may never have kids.

Speaking Openly,
Sex, Disease & Negroes (originally posted 12/01/06) MindspillThere are a lot of stupid people Black people out there who are just not getting the message that safe sex is the best sex if you choose to have sex. Excluding HIV/AIDS there are some many diseases out there that are hideous that can impact your life like Herpes, HPV, and Hepatitis: I refer to these as life long friends.

Then you have your run of the mill STD such as Chlamydia, Gonorrhea & Syphilis, which I consider friends for the moment but with possible life time effects.

The focus in the media is always on HIV/AIDS so you only here about high infection rates of other STD’s if the numbers are simply off the charts or if young white children/teens/adults have high numbers.

People just seem to not get it when it comes to protecting yourself from disease & equally as important, unwanted pregnancies. I wonder what it will take to make mutha fuckas realize?.?.?

For the sake of a short post, I am only focusing on the temporary friends mentioned. So here goes.

Chlamydia - 13,632 per 100,000 Black Americans ages 10-29 contracted Chlamydia during 2005. In comparison to other racial groups Blacks have the highest rate of infection (over eight times higher than that of whites), a sad fact on all counts. Infection rates bulleted are per 100,000 population (Source | CDC)

  • Ages 10-14: 246.0 (What the fuck/where are the parents when that are getting busy)
  • Ages 15-16: 5,502.6 (What the fuck/didn’t they see the video in sex ed)
  • Ages 20-24: 5,360.0
  • Ages 25-29: 2,524.0

The state of Michigan reported 38,730 cases of Chlamydia ranking in 10th place for 2005. Detroit's Chlamydia rate is the highest among the nation's cities, according to the latest federal data; state statistics show about 42 percent of Detroit's 2005 cases in people 19 years old or younger.

Gonorrhea – 6120 per 100,000 Black Americans ages 10-29 contracted Gonorrhea during 2005. Gonorrhea rates dropped 17.8% from 2004 for Blacks but does this mean that we are finally starting to get the picture? Blacks again take the prize for the most number of overall infections and were 18 times higher that whites. Infection rates bulleted are per 100,000 population (Source | CDC)

  • Ages 10-14: 93.5 (What the fuck/where are the parents when they are getting busy)
  • Ages 15-16: 2,106.3 (What the fuck/didn’t they see the video in sex ed)
  • Ages 20-24: 2,452.9
  • Ages 25-29: 1,467.5

The state of Michigan reported 17,684 cases of Gonorrhea ranking in 8th place for 2005. The Detroit area contributed 10,766 of all reported cases in Michigan

Syphilis – 9.8 per 100,000 Black Americans ages 10-29 contracted Syphilis during 2005. Syphilis rates increased by 11.4% from 2004 for Blacks; just think about all of that discharge collectively (yuck). Blacks again have the most number of overall infections and were 5 times higher that whites. Infection rates bulleted are per 100,000 population (Source | CDC)

  • Ages 10-14: 0.8 (Again what the fuck/where are the parents when they are getting busy)
  • Ages 15-16: 9.7
  • Ages 20-24: 22.0
  • Ages 25-29: 23.5

The state of Michigan only reported 105 cases of Syphilis ranking in 35th place for 2005. The Detroit area contributed 77 of all reported cases in Michigan. I had to read that like 3 times to be sure I was on the right set of facts.
Back to me:

As a parent & concerned citizen, I believe that sex/safe sex education starts at home. Of course parents cannot be with their children 100% of the time but we need to communicate the dangers of sex. I guess not really to scare them but to let them know that there is more to life & sex should be the last thing on their mind while equipping them with facts & having an open mind to answer their questions without hesitation.

I am a strong advocate of sex education at home, in school & church. I also support prevention methods such as abstinence, masturbation (at an appropriate age, which is subjective), healthy discussion, extra curricular activities and the threat of certain death to name a few.

My children are pretty young & I am dreading the day when that talk will need to be had, but I am ready for the challenge to ensure better outcomes for their health and well being.

For more information on STD’s visit:

Centers for Disease Control CDC
The American Social Health Association
Afraid to ask
Urology Channel
Just Say Yes
Advocates for Youth